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WANT to be Ireland’s top social media influencer?

Soon there will be a college degree for that.


New SETU University of Technology Set to Approve Degree in Social Media ContentCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The course is planned to be a four-year program


The course is planned to be a four-year programCredit: Alamy

The country’s first influencing course is set to start in Carlow in September 2023, according to a Business Post report.

The four-year degree will be available at the new Southeast Technical University (SETU) and aims to equip students with the skills needed to gain social media followers.

The content and social media creation course also includes business training and academic theory, according to the report.

A social media placement will also be included in the course.

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The degree has not yet been given the green light, but the final stage of approval is underway.

Dr Irene McCormick, Senior Lecturer in Media Studies, Teaching and Learning at SETU, told Business Post: “It’s about teaching people what’s behind it, making them more business, but also you are better at what you do if you understand the conventions. , if you understand the fundamentals of what you do.

Last summer, the college professor hosted a summer school for high school students, courtesy of IT Carlow.

She said: “There are huge numbers of media graduates now getting into media marketing, working in the online space because the vast majority of jobs are in the online space right now. It’s a booming area that, unless we lose all the power, won’t go away.

SETU is not the first university in the world to offer a degree on how to become a social media star.

In 2019, an Italian university created a three-year degree program on how to become an influencer.

In the United States, Duke University offers a class called building global audiences, known as the TikTok class.

And earlier this year, Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland launched a degree program providing professional training for social media influencers.

And here in Ireland, Coláiste Dhúlaigh, a further education college in North Dublin, launched a one-year social media course in 2021.

Social media users were quick to react that students will now be able to learn about it, though on the third level.

One Reddit user said, “What’s the lesson – being hot, desperate for attention, and loud and obnoxious?”

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However, others have been supportive of the course, with many agreeing that it will likely be a modernized version of a digital marketing degree.

One person said, “Colleges already offer courses in social media skills with marketing, so it’s not much different.”

Duke University in the United States already offers a course on how to become a TikTok influencer


Duke University in the United States already offers a course on how to become a TikTok influencerCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Weightlifting for women…a bespoke all-female class launched by Burnley Leisure helps build physical and mental strength Wed, 18 May 2022 16:24:02 +0000

Burnley Leisure have organized the free education program to bring female members together on the gym floor, educate and build confidence around strength training in a bid to combat the insecurities it can often bring.

A four-week plan has been created at St Peters and Padiham Leisure Centres. The two instructors running the course taught identically so members could use both sites with confidence when it came to training on their own.

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Burnley Leisure in the running for one of the fitness industry’s biggest accolades

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A bespoke course aimed at boosting women’s confidence when using weights in the gym has proven to be a huge success at Burnley and Padiham

Sarah Drinkwater, Operations Manager, said: “Common questions we get asked here at Burnley Leisure are ‘should I do more reps and lighter weights like all the magazines and articles have told us online or should we ditch the pretty pink 2kg dumbbells, kettlebells and heavy lift but for fewer reps?

“All women are completely different, so there is no specific answer for everyone.

“At Burnley Leisure we wanted to help our customers understand that it can totally depend on your goal, whether you are looking to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, run a marathon, participate in a triathlon or being the strongest women’s competitions in the UK, the categorizations can be endless.

“Watching these ladies progress over the past few weeks, gaining more confidence physically and mentally, has been truly inspiring.

A bespoke course aimed at boosting women’s confidence when using weights in the gym has proven to be a huge success at Burnley and Padiham

“The excitement each week of the ladies when they come to tell us what training they did during the week, at the back of the course and

seeing how proud they are of themselves is invigorating.

“We are already planning our next classes.”

VHS Learning Introduces Python Programming Course for Fall 2022 Tue, 17 May 2022 13:06:21 +0000

Python is user-friendly and fun to learn, even for beginners with no prior programming experience. Along with learning the basics of this versatile and powerful programming language, students can write code, design programs, engage in thoughtful discussions, and have fun along the way.

Many high school students are eager to get into computer programming, and Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages ​​in the world. To help students learn fundamental programming concepts and skills – and build a solid foundation for the future – VHS Learning will be offering a new Python programming course starting fall 2022.

Python Programming introduces Python as a beginner’s computer course. It offers students the opportunity to learn and practice coding in an online environment with engaging, creative, and fun activities. The 15-week course, which will be offered in the fall and spring, includes video content, discussions, practice labs, games, digital products and projects.

Python Programming is one of over 300 unique online high school courses available through VHS Learning for the 2022-23 school year. In addition to Python, VHS Learning offers introductory programming courses in Java and Scratch as part of its Computing and Technology discipline. These unique, credit-worthy course options give students the opportunity to explore topics outside of the standard high school core curriculum and begin to prepare for college and careers. VHS Learning courses are open to all high school students; students taking classes for high school credits receive a transcript and the credits can be used toward high school graduation requirements, subject to local school approval .

“Part of our ongoing mission is to make computer science education more accessible to all students, which is why we’re excited to offer the new Python Programming course,” said Carol DeFuria, President and CEO. from the management of VHS Learning. “Python is user-friendly and fun to learn, even for beginners with no prior programming experience. In addition to learning the basics of this versatile and powerful programming language, students can write code, design programs, engage in thoughtful discussions and fun along the way.

Course registration for Fall 2022 is now open at:

About VHS Learning

VHS Learning is a non-profit organization with over 25 years of experience delivering world-class online programs to students and schools around the world. Offering more than 300 unique online courses for high school credit, including 25 AP® courses, credit recovery courses, and enrichment courses, VHS Learning is accredited by the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA -CESS), Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC), and Cognia. Courses are approved for initial eligibility by the NCAA. For more information about VHS Learning, please visit and follow on Twitter at @VHSLearning.

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New course to help families hosting Ukrainian refugees Mon, 16 May 2022 02:10:03 +0000

An online course on Ukrainian culture and language is to be launched to help British families hosting refugees. The Open University (OU) will launch the course later this summer, and it says it was developed by leading scholars.

The move is part of a series of measures supported by the OU, including free online resources for Ukrainians such as English lessons and mental health support through the OpenLearn platform. The university has waived fees for current Ukrainian students and prospective Ukrainian students can apply for 12 scholarships worth £240,000.

Vice-Chancellor Tim Blackman said the university was “appalled” by the situation in Ukraine and wanted to support people “in the best way possible, by offering free online learning, scholarships and financial aid to Ukrainians as they seek refuge in the UK, as well as educational resources for UK host families.” He added: “We believe that accessible education is a powerful tool to improve people’s lives. and we will continue to mobilize our resources across the university to show our support for Ukrainians.”

Minister for Higher and Further Education, Michelle Donelan, said: “Our world-class universities have always been underpinned by the core values ​​of liberty and liberty, and so it is great to see how many of them have united with Ukraine by opening their doors to students displaced by this terrible war. These Open University initiatives are a fantastic way to support those fleeing armed conflict or persecution in their home countries who need help rebuilding their lives.

“Separately, this government has provided up to £4m to institutions to support students from Ukraine who may face difficulty. We are currently working with universities in the UK to explore what support can be given to Ukrainian universities to help them continue to teach their students remotely, alongside what we can do to ensure Ukrainian students can access funding to support their studies – with more information on this in due course.

The news follows Oxford University’s announcement in early May of a new fully-funded postgraduate scholarship program for Ukrainian refugees. The scholarship will commence in the 2022-23 academic year, aimed at supporting highly qualified graduates from Ukraine whose lives have been severely disrupted by the ongoing conflict.

For more stories of where you live, visit In your region.

]]> stay the course Fri, 13 May 2022 18:00:00 +0000

I am deeply honored, at this pivotal moment in history, to join the inspiring team of changemakers at the Texas Women’s Foundation. I consider it a sincere privilege to take on the leadership role of this extraordinary organization and to continue the critically important work of my incredible predecessor who did so much to lay the foundations for change.

There is a legacy of service in my family, and I proudly walk the path created by the strong women in my life who blazed the trail starting with my mother and all the way back to my great-great-grandmother. , Maria Buckner Stokes, who graduated from the Hampton Institute in 1890. Her daughter, my great-grandmother, Julia Bertha Stokes, graduated in 1918, and my parents, Suzanne Wilson and Thurmond Woodard, graduated in 1970. When I crossed that stage, I became the fourth generation to graduate from Hampton University. Also, my grandfather, Lt. Col. Theodore Wilson, was an Airman from Tuskegee. I have many of his memories, including his wings, notes and flight manuals, which are a constant reminder of the courage it takes to pursue the unimaginable. Service, education and the fight for opportunity are literally in my DNA.

My cumulative experiences over the past 25 years and throughout my life have converged to prepare me to face this moment with courage. My childhood included frequent moves. I have spent a lot of time abroad, which has instilled in me an appreciation for the beauty of diversity and fueled my passion for creating communities that celebrate difference as a unifying force, which uplifts all members. Likewise, my career has focused on advocacy on issues ranging from domestic violence and sexual assault to child hunger and foster care reform. It only reinforced my desire to make a real, lasting difference for women and children – and why the mission of the Texas Women’s Foundation is so near and dear to my heart. Joining an organization founded in 1985 by 19 incredible founders from all walks of life who came together to create a needed movement that has become a powerful force for change is testament to the legacy that I cherish so deeply. I am part of a community with a strong Board of Directors and volunteers who share the same vision: to invest in strong women so that we can build a strong world.

Working to improve the circumstances surrounding the issues and people you care about can be difficult. In times of significant adversity such as the past few years, however, we must not tire of the journey, but rather remember that now is the time to dig and deepen conversations at the intersection of race, sex and intrinsic value in society. Now is the time to stay the course – and we will do it together. Together, let’s continue to elevate and amplify the opportunities available to women and children in the great state of Texas. Together, we will find ways to authentically engage across differences and prioritize lasting strategies that unlock progress on racial and gender equality. Together, we will work to reform our social, educational, political and economic structures to create a more equitable and inclusive society for all. Together we will stay the course and set the world on fire.

Join us on this journey:

]]> A visually impaired student from Leeds takes a course to strengthen representation of disability in education Fri, 13 May 2022 10:45:00 +0000
Lily has a guide dog named Zen.

Lily Walsh, 19, is completely blind in her right eye and visually impaired in her left eye due to a genetic condition called Peter’s anomaly.

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Leeds deaf and visually impaired mum’s son learns sign language

Research commissioned by Guide Dogs, a charity that helps provide mobility for the blind and visually impaired, showed that 71% of parents of visually impaired children believe there are not enough people with disabilities in the public eye .

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Lily and her guide dog Zen were paired up in 2019.

The research surveyed 1,700 UK-based Britons with a child aged 7 to 12, including parents of 220 visually impaired children.

Lily, who is from Liversedge, is currently training to become a teacher at Leeds Trinity University, although she admits to realizing there aren’t many disabled teachers like the one she has.

She said: “When I was younger I wanted to work with animals because I grew up surrounded by them, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do until I went to school. ‘university.

“I realized there weren’t many teachers with disabilities like mine. I think it’s important for young children to see people like them represented in what some might call “challenging professional roles,” like teachers.

“I’ve had my sight all my life, so I’ve learned to do everything visually impaired. I’m very proud of everything I’ve achieved.”

The research also found that 43% of parents of visually impaired children do not think the world is inclusive enough for people with visual impairments, while 37% believe there is a clear lack of opportunity for people with visual impairments. with a visual impairment.

29% said they feared their children would pursue the career of their choice, but Lily is on her way to a career in education and has an internship scheduled for this month.

She said: “University life is challenging but rewarding. I can see the progress I have made, not only in my studies but also as a person, since September when I started, until today. today.

“My favorite part of teacher training is of course the children. I haven’t been in a classroom yet – my first placement starts in May. What I would also say is that uncovering the science behind teaching and learning is extremely interesting.

Lily has a guide dog named Zen, a yellow golden retriever Labrador cross, and the companion has been by her side since 2019 when they were first paired.

More information on support for those who have experienced vision loss can be found here.

Course add facility will close today at, check the steps here Thu, 12 May 2022 02:51:24 +0000

KEAM 2022 Course Addition Installation Ends Today

Photo: iStock

Kerala Engineering Architecture Pharmacy and medical examination, KEAM 2022 the add course window will close today, May 12, 2022. Candidates who have successfully registered for KEAM 2022 can add additional courses for which they wish to apply for the KEAM exam by today.

The Controller of Kerala Entrance Examinations, EEC Kerala had posted an important notice regarding the possibility of adding courses for KEAM 2022 applicants on the official website As per the notice, candidates who have applied for the KEAM 2022 exam in Engineering, Medicine or Architecture but wish to apply for another with their original choice, may do so no later than May 12, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

The step by step process for installing KEAM 2022 course addon has been given below for applicants to refer.

KEAM 2022 – How to add courses in the KEAM app

  1. Visit the official website –
  2. On the home page, click on KEAM 2022 Online Application
  3. Click on “Login” and enter your application number and password
  4. Add the course of your choice and pay the application fee.
  5. Submit the form and download it for future references.
Candidates can click on the direct link provided here to access the KEAM 2022 application form.
In the official notice, students were informed about the addition of medicine courses and architecture courses for KEAM 2022. those who add an architecture course will need to be qualified in the NATA conducted by the Architecture Council ,” the notice reads.

Candidates applying for the Medicine courses would be required to sit for the NEET UG 2022 exam scheduled for July 17, 2022. Candidates applying for the Architecture courses would be required to sit for the NATA exam which will start on June 12, 2022 .

The last course addition date for the KEAM 2022 exam is today, May 12, 2022. No course additions will be allowed for the KEAM exam beyond 5 p.m. today.

]]> Gemba Academy Launches Online, On-Demand, Video-Based X-Matrix Course Tue, 10 May 2022 12:00:00 +0000

Gemba Academy’s new course helps organizations achieve their strategic goals by creating a powerful visual tool known as the X-Matrix

KELLER, TX (PRWEB) May 10, 2022

The Gemba Academy, the world’s largest provider of continuous improvement, Lean and Six Sigma training and certification, is pleased to present an online, on-demand, video-based course on the X-Matrix. In this course, participants learn to organize and visualize long-term strategic plans through the use of the X-Matrix, a document that helps create ownership, alignment, and detailed plans to achieve goals. strategic.

“The X-Matrix provides a format and set of practices for deploying strategies, by first breaking down long-term goals into annual goals, identifying priorities for improvement, and creating ownership for action at all levels of the organization”, describes Kevin Meyer, co-founder and partner of Gemba Academy.

The Gemba Academy X-Matrix course includes the following video segments:

  • What is an X-Matrix?

  • First steps with the X-Matrix
  • How to create an X matrix
  • How to deploy a strategy using the X-Matrix
  • Monthly reviews using the X-Matrix
  • How to Use Bowling Charts for Strategy Reviews
  • How to Use A3 and X-Matrix for Hoshin Planning

Along with this information, the new Gemba Academy course teaches the importance of a process known as “catch ball”. This involves developing strategic plans through two-way communication, consensus and logical resource allocation.

“I have many fond memories of working with X-Matrix when I was in business,” says Ron Pereira, co-founder and partner. “We have used X-Matrix as a means of executing and tracking our Hoshin Kanri (policy deployment) activities. I am extremely confident that this short course will add tremendous value to our clients.”

To register for the Gemba Academy X-Matrix course, go to

For more information on Gemba Academy’s full range of course offerings, please visit

About Gemba Academy:

Gemba Academy aims to help individuals and companies develop an organizational culture of continuous improvement. Founded in 2009, Gemba Academy now offers over 2,000 training videos on Lean, Six Sigma and continuous improvement. To learn more about Gemba Academy’s online content, flexible training, expert coaching and certifications, please visit

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Taharas Habayis and Lemaan Yilmedu team up for a new course Sun, 08 May 2022 21:23:31 +0000 After several months of joint effort and planning, Lemaan Yilmedu-USA and the Taharas Habayis organization have joined forces to create a new course for Chosson teachers. Full story

After several months of joint effort and planning, a powerful alliance has formed. Leaders of Lemaan Yilmedu-USA along with leaders of Taharas Habayis organization have joined forces to create a new course for Chosson teachers.

The two organizations held a small meeting at Badatz’s offices to celebrate and formally wrap up the deal.

The meeting began with Rabbi Haim Yisroel Wilhelm share the words of Hisorerus and how teacher Chosson’s upcoming training is directly in line with the vision and passion of his father the Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm an”h. As we all knew, R’ Zushe, a direct son of Limud Hatorah, who spent his senior year dedicating all of his kochos to spreading Torah throughout the Lemaan Yilmedu-USA branch – making Torah accessible to all.

Rabbi Tuvia KasimovMoreh Tzedek and Head of Crown Heights Tahara Office, spoke on behalf of Taharas Habayis about the uniqueness of this course and underscored our shared vision to elevate the levels of Kedousha and Tahara in Crown Heights and around the world.

Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz pointed out the Siyaata Dishmaya how, in the 4 months since his passing, Reb Zushe’s life mission has now received a very powerful impetus. To pave the way for so many people to enter the world of Chassanim teaching in the most competent way. Ultimately, this will undoubtedly raise the bar for Torah and shomayim yiras in every home.

R’ Shraga Crombie, director of Lemaan Yilmedu, then summarized the details and outline of the upcoming course. “Once this partnership is formed, we have big plans for the B’ezras Hashem store,” Crombie said.

Rabbi Yusewitz says this is the most “proper way to pursue Reb Zushe’s dream!” May we all be reunited with our loved ones quickly with Moshiach Now!

Designing hotel and restaurant concepts Fri, 06 May 2022 18:05:00 +0000

The course will focus on presenting, illustrating and discussing what exactly hospitality concepts are, how to design and implement them.

Course content

Each session will develop a specific aspect of concept design for
hotels and catering companies:

  • Fundamentals: history, role and evolution of hotel and F&B concepts
  • Strategy: conceptual framework of hospitality
  • People: target segments and community development
  • Creating Stories: Brand Story Canvas
  • Space: zoning, customer flow, interior layout
  • Services: offer and digitization
  • Identity & Communication: visual identity, creative content, communication channels

What makes this course special?

  • Insightful guest speakers who pioneered new hospitality concepts
  • Opportunities to network with other attendees and guest speakers
  • Variety of learning formats, including teamwork, workshops, and discussions with industry experts
  • Course offered by EHL, ranked #1 in the 2020 QS World University Rankings for Hospitality and Leisure Management Universities
  • All course material accessible through an online learning management system

Why take this course?

You should take this course if you want to:

  • Learn how to design and develop a successful hospitality concept – from the strategic and creative level to day-to-day operations
  • Discover how existing hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and private clubs can be transformed with a strong concept

Who should be present?

This course is particularly designed for you if you are an entrepreneur or hold a management position in a hotel, private club, F&B group or hotel-related business with a minimum of 5 years experience. Typical participants are:

  • Hospitality Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • hotel managers

CLICK HERE to learn more about this course.

3-day short course at EHL Hospitality Business School: Hotel and Restaurant Concept Design — Photo by EHL
3-day short course at EHL Hospitality Business School: Hotel and Restaurant Concept Design — Photo by EHL

CLICK HERE to learn more about this course.

About the EHL Group

The EHL Group comprises a portfolio of specialist business units that deliver hotel management training and innovation around the world. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Group includes:

EHL Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne is an ambassador of traditional Swiss hospitality and has been a pioneer in hospitality education since 1893 with more than 25,000 alumni worldwide and more than 120 nationalities. EHL is the first hotel management school in the world to offer undergraduate and graduate programs on its campuses in Lausanne, Singapore and Chur-Passugg, as well as online learning solutions. The University of Applied Sciences is ranked No. 1 by QS World University Rankings by subject and CEOWorld Magazine, and its gourmet restaurant is the only educational institution in the world to hold a Michelin star for the third consecutive year.

The EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality has been one of the leading hotel management schools for hospitality specialists for over 50 years. The College awards Swiss-accredited Federal Vocational Training and Higher Education Diplomas at its 19th-century spa hotel in Chur-Passugg, Graubünden to Swiss and international students from 30 countries.

EHL Advisory Services is the largest Swiss hospitality consulting firm specializing in service culture implementation, business consulting, and learning center development and quality assurance. EHL Advisory Services has offices in Lausanne, Beijing, Shanghai and New Delhi and has carried out mandates in more than 60 countries over the past 40 years.

Recruitment and Admissions Manager – Graduate Programs