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Cloud Firewall, the firewall-as-a-service component of the Netskopes Secure Access Service Edge Platform, has been updated with Application Control giving users greater oversight, according to SDxCentral. Explaining the upgrade, Naveen Palavalli, vice president of GTM product strategy at Netskope, said the additions are an improvement over the old port and protocol-based security rules. The upgrade provides users with a unified method to leverage Web Proxy, Cloud Access Security Broker, and Cloud Firewall to protect all inbound and outbound traffic, according to Palavalli. In response to the recent increase in domain name system attacks, Netskope’s firewall service is now able to host new DNS security features, marking a departure from legacy security tools that rely on technologies based on whitelists or signatures. If you then look at what’s really going on in the threat landscape, attackers realize that DNS is a soft underbelly, Pavalli noted. Pavalli added that the company is increasing its efforts in using artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to predict how cybercriminals use domain generation algorithms in their DNS-based attacks.
South Side Sox Bird App Recap: White Sox 11, Tigers 5 Sun, 18 Sep 2022 19:47:07 +0000

It’s early on a Sunday morning, but apparently it’s White Sox baseball time, so buckle up because it’s probably going to get weird again.

Luis Robert is still not in good health. Why don’t they put it on the IL???

Joe Kelly is on family medical leave.

Eloy “tests” his legs early.

Two out, two out, a 2-2 count and Gavin Sheets hit in the first inning of the day to make it 1-0, Sox, in the first.

Vince Velasquez starts this must-have game – and starts it terribly.

AJ Pollock quickly leveled the game in the second with a solo right shot, and the game is now 2-2.

Akil Baddoo walks, but a fantastic throw from Seby Zavala catches him stealing second to finish second.

Not much for either team in third and fourth, but Vinny Velo calmed down after that tough first run.

Another double steal for Elvis Andrus and Yoán Moncada puts runners in second and third for Eloy with two outs in fifth – and he walks, to load the bases.

Gavin drapes himself…

Who takes a four-ball walk to make it 3-2, Sox.

Jason Foley is now for the Tigers and makes a 1-2 error to Andrew Vaughn, who rips a grand slam in right field. It’s 7-2, Sox in the fifth.

José Ruiz takes over from Velasquez and makes it 1-2-3 in the fifth, with two strikeouts.

Ruiz isn’t as good in the sixth, as he charges in with no outs. He is replaced by Jimmy Lambert…

… who walks quickly while running.

A Jeimer Candelario sack fly cuts the lead to 7-4, Sox, and the Twins finally win against Cleveland:

José Abreu walks and Eloy absolutely erases a ball for a home run to make it 9-4, Sox in the seventh.

Seby drives a ball left which drags Gavin Sheets from second. It’s 10-4!

Eloy hits a ball into deep right field from Andrew Chafin, scoring Abreu from the first, and now it’s 11-4 in the eighth.

Tanner Banks was good on the seventh, but gives up a home run to Javy Báez on the first pitch of the eighth. We do not care? The Sox lead, 11-5.

Tanner Banks ends the game with a three-out save, the first of his career. The fate of the Sox is in Minnesota’s hands until Tuesday, when the Sox take on the Guardians.

Tell the truth :

The ball goes far, the team goes far

I wonder what was the problem so far???

New App Promises Greater Convenience in Reading Kuzushiji Sat, 17 Sep 2022 10:41:16 +0000

During my graduate studies in Japanese history, interpreting manuscript primary sources from the 19th century and earlier was one of my greatest challenges. Historical typographic records exist, especially in my period of concentration during the Bakumatsu-Meiji transition. But the further the research axis goes back in time, the rarer these documents become. There is a plethora of handwritten material, written in historical cursive, but learning to read it is a significant investment of time and resources beyond the means of most people who might otherwise want to learn.

Additionally, due to a variety of linguistic and educational reforms implemented since the turn of the 20th century, even many native Japanese speakers cannot read historical cursive. Even someone in my position, who had a college affiliation but only sporadic classroom training on the subject, will find it a challenge. I also could not afford to travel to pursue targeted studies in Japanese cursive at other universities. That being the case, I had to combine print resources and online glossaries to learn to read cursive writing by self-study. To this day, I still struggle with it.

To be fair, learning to read handwriting in any language, even contemporary, is a challenge for a non-native speaker. Paleography, which is the study and interpretation of historical writing systems, is even more of a challenge.

But even though I had to teach myself to read Edo period script from mostly ink and paper sources, a new generation of apps promises to make parsing Japanese cursive script, called kuzushiji (“squashed letters”) in Japanese, a much easier proposition for current and future students of Japanese history.

An example of kuzushiji: the Precepts of Tokugawa Ieyasu. (The source)

Demystifying Kuzushiji

On September 13, Tokyo-based printing company Toppan Inc. announced the next stage in the development of its new kuzushiji Software. Called Fuminoha Zemi, it is an AI-driven OCR (optical character recognition) service. Toppan has been developing its OCR kuzushiji technology with the help of a number of research organizations since 2015. It was based on the Bunsho Gazō Systema character recognition database developed by Professor Terasawa Kengo of Hakodate Mirai University that collected examples of a given character – say, a hiragana に or a kanji 阿 – across different scanned documents.

When a user takes a snapshot of a kuzushiji document, the Fuminoha system analyzes the characters and overlays a typographic equivalent for easier reading and further analysis. This can be exported in plain text, PDF and HTML formats, for greater reading convenience.

Join Unseen Japan today!

Of course, even so, it still requires training and reading experience. historical Japanese (yes, including historical kanji), which is not the same as contemporary standard Japanese. But when turned into a print form rather than kuzushiji, it is a much easier task. Fuminoha is currently deployed in its pre-beta proof-of-concept form in select museums and archives, and is not available for public use. In the new year, however, that should change. Its beta version for iOS is scheduled for January 2023, with a full public release to follow soon after in March for private use. It will be available through app and web browser versions.

Kuzushiji in an Edo era document. Enough to chill the blood of many scholars.

A challenger rises

Fuminoha is not the only attempt to kuzushiji transcription app based on OCR and AI templates. I’ve been using a competing app for the past few months, called Miwo, which has similar functionality and has been available for download since August 2021. Miwo was created by the Center for Open Data in the Humanities, part of the Japanese Organization information and systems research. It was trained on two recognition models, both derived from the Kuzushiji dataset of the National Institute of Japanese Literature. As a historian keen to expand the range of sources at my disposal, I’m curious to see how Miwo compares to Fuminoha. I plan to write a sequel to this piece after it’s released, comparing their features and performance.

To learn more about Fuminoha, check out Toppan’s Fuminoha page for more details, examples of how it works, in-depth information and more, at

For my part, I look forward to having one more tool at my disposal to better and more easily access primary sources. I also look forward to this improved readability of historical documents opening up the large swathes of digitized material for the enjoyment, study and appreciation of the general public in Japan and abroad.


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]]> Manchester students can get flexible hospitality work just by downloading this app Fri, 16 Sep 2022 08:27:30 +0000


Manchester-based recruitment platform Easy Staffing is on a mission to “make the best matches in the industry”.

Manchester will soon become home to a bustling community of new and returning students this month at the start of the next academic year.

And many of these students will be looking to work alongside their studies.

As anyone who is or has ever been a student will tell you, college is as much about fully enjoying the experience of living in a new city and all that that city has to offer, as it is about coming away with a degree. at the end. of your time there – but that usually comes at a price.

The cost of student living doesn’t tend to be cheap and like everything else right now, unfortunately it’s only going up, which is why so many students are keen to find a job at part-time or flexible who can around their studies in an environment where they are respected and have the freedom to earn the money they want.

Finding the right balance between finding time to work and study can be tricky, but a local recruiting company makes it easier than ever.

It’s here that Easy staffing shines.

Based in the heart of Manchester and operating across the city-region, Easy Staffing is a one-stop solution to your employment needs that gives you complete flexibility in where and when you work in the hospitality industry.

Founded by company owner and director Reece Deignon with a mission to “make the best matches in the industry”, he has used his many years of experience in all areas of recruitment – traditional agencies and job-based agencies. applications – to combine the best of these strategies and create your own vision.

“Easy Staffing was created on the basis of the desire to make a difference”, explains Mr. Deignon.

“Our passion is to see clients and members succeed.”

What makes Easy Staffing different from other recruiting apps?

Easy Staffing offers a “lightweight approach” to traditional agencies, as Deignon explains, allowing those using the bespoke platform to “pull themselves together” and take the shifts that suit them. the best. and meet their needs.

The company places top Manchester-based talent in roles within the hospitality industry – including bar service, event staff and supervisors, festival staff, kitchen staff, chefs, waiters, kitchen porters, etc.

It prides itself on its great communication, flexibility and various opportunities for its members.

The app offers complete flexibility as to where and when you work in the hospitality industry / Credit: Easy Staffing

How it works?

Easy Staffing’s main goal is to build lasting relationships with its members through “exceptional communication and respect”, and it all starts with the recruiting process.

All you need to do is download the app and follow these three simple steps:

  1. Instantly choose desired shifts to suit your lifestyle, with all work paid above the normal market rate.
  2. All shift information is easily accessible through the app, including pay rates, job descriptions, locations, and on-site reviews.
  3. Your hours will be confirmed instantly after your shift and you will be paid the following week.

What are others saying about it?

There’s no better way to learn more about how Easy Staffing works than to hear from people who have used the platform in the past.

“I joined Easy Staffing after several years outside of the hospitality industry,” says one user.

“The application process and the interview that followed was really efficient and fair. Using the app to get shifts is so easy and the flexibility is great for me as I also work full time. Customers and the customers we deal with are always grateful and treat you like part of the team.

“The team that supports us is always supportive and understanding, because sometimes things change in life.

“There are always plenty of job opportunities.”

I am a student in Manchester, where can I register?

Do you want to simplify your job search and work in a flexible environment where you are valued and respected?

Read more:

Easy Staffing is here to help all returning students to Manchester find the job that best suits their requirements and needs. So, whether it’s a part-time or full-time job, the company makes sure to put “the happiness of our members at the forefront of everything we do”.

You can learn more about Easy Staffing and sign up for the app hereor send any previous experience to [email protected]

The featured image – Easy staffing


A massive board game festival is taking place in Manchester this weekend

Sergeant Emily
Sergeant Emily

There will be over 100 different games to play when a massive board game festival takes hold right here in Manchester this weekend.

Led by the teams behind Tabletop Gaming and Miniature Wargames magazines, and featuring games spanning the entire hobby, from must-have miniatures to incredible indie RPGs and new board games, this epic two-day gaming convention gives residents of the Greater Manchester and beyond the chance to play some of the most exciting games around.

The show is intended to bring gamers from across the country to our downtown for the first time.

Live table game takes over the historic Cotton Sheds at Victoria Warehouse on Saturday September 17 and Sunday September 18 – which festival organizers say has enough space for the expected over 5,000 enthusiasts and over 100 traders, publishers and designers.

A massive board game festival is taking place in Manchester this weekend / Credit: Tabletop Gaming

So what can you expect to see this weekend then?

Well, as Tabletop Gaming’s inaugural show in Manchester is sponsored by local titans Steamforged Games, they’ll be demoing Bardsung and showing off upcoming titles, while Fanboy 3 – which is at the heart of the gaming scene from Manchester for years – will feature some of the biggest publishers in the United States.

They’re joined by indie legend Manchester Hall or Nothing – who will feature new titles like the historic battler 1815: The Scum of the Earthand Manchester’s largest gaming group, Tabletop Manchester.

Some of the other new festival 2022 games include – Amelia’s secret (Hachette Board Games UK), Star Wars Villainous: Power of the Dark Side (Ravensburger), the new edition of Kingmaker, Call to Adventure: Epic Origins (Brotherwise Games), and Cartaventura Caravans (BLAM!).

Read more:

There will be hands-on game demos and events taking place all weekend at various booths.

You can also roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with a variety of workshops, including learning how to make your first game with James Wallis (The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen), creating an RPG in an afternoon with Chris McDowall (In the Strange Remastered), or even create your own thumbnail with Kit-bashing YouTube star Bill Making Stuff.

Live table game promises to bring a huge gaming weekend where you can “immerse yourself in the hobby like you’ve never done before”.

Want then? There’s still time to grab tickets from £11 here.

Featured Image – Table Games


Manchester’s new rooftop cinema reveals upcoming film screenings

Le Manc
Le Manc

Manchester’s newest cinema is set to open on the rooftop of Depot Mayfield next month, as Backyard Cinema brings its immersive cinematic experience north for the very first time.

Coming to Manchester for a limited 10-week period, it will offer much more than a comfortable, purpose-built cinema, complete with an enchanted forest, two bars, street food trucks and a live music stage.

Scheduled to open on Friday, October 21, the 330-seat indoor cinema has just released its next films for the fall/winter season and there are some absolute crackers in there.

Moviegoers should expect a mix of all-new releases, including the acclaimed Elvis biopic with Tom Hanks (2022), the new Top Gun: Maverick (2022) and The Batman (2022), plus cult classics and Christmas hits later in the year.

Picture: provided

The team also just unveiled a list of cult classics, including ET the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Die Hard (1988), Hocus Pocus (1993), Addams Family Values ​​(1993), Beetle Juice (1988)as well as other favorites such as The Greatest Showman (2017), Frozen 2 (2019), Beauty and the Beast (2017).

Elsewhere there will be a series of family favourites, including The Greatest Showman (2017), Frozen 2 (2019), Beauty and the Beast (2017)and the brand new Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022).

Then comes Christmas time, organizers plan to go all out with screenings of festival favorites like Elf (2003), Home Alone (1990), Love Actually (2003), The Vacation (2006), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), The Puppet Christmas Carol (1992)and Miracle on the 34the Street (1947).

Read more: These restaurants serve the best Sunday Roast dinners in Manchester

Picture: provided

Audiences can expect to be transported on a magical journey to a cinema like no other, with waiter service inside the comfortable screening room so they won’t miss a second of the action.

Filled with bespoke giant bean bag chairs for guests to cozy up to with ushers serving up seasonal cocktails and sweet treats to create the most magical place to watch a movie, it’s a wintry experience you won’t ever miss. won’t want to miss.

Read more: A series of events for singles who are ‘bored of dating apps’ are coming to Manchester next month

Backyard Cinema will be open Wednesday through Sunday, October 21 through December 4, and Monday through Sunday, December 5 through January 2. Show times are 12pm, 4pm and 8pm, although these vary depending on the day.

Visit the backyard cinema website here to check showing times and buy your tickets.

Featured Image – The Art of Banksy / Supplied

‘Getting the right people’: The App State’s winning culture is united by a common thread | Nation Thu, 15 Sep 2022 00:13:00 +0000

Appalachian State President Dr. John E. Thomas and Athletic Director Jim Garner caught up with Coach Jerry Moore before his introductory press conference in 1989 and wanted to clarify one thing before addressing the media.

It’s pronounced app-uh-LATCH-in.

“They sent me to a small room before the press conference and worked on me saying ‘Appalachia,'” Moore told The News & Observer. “You’ll never hear me say ‘App State’ because they taught me how to pronounce it.”

Nowadays, the university would prefer to be called App State in first reference. That’s pretty much the only thing that hasn’t been carried over to the football schedule. Call it Appalachian or App State, chances are you’ll call it a winner. No other Division I football program in the state of North Carolina has had the continuity of the Mountaineers for nearly 40 years.

Moore became the most successful coach in program history, winning three NCAA Division I-AA national titles from 2005 to 2007.

App State has had just three losing seasons since 1983, when coach Mack Brown took over after the Mountaineers posted back-to-back losing seasons, thanks to last season’s 10-4 record led by the coach. Shawn Clark.

From the NCAA I-AA division and its three national titles to the Football Bowl subdivision in 2014. Whether playing in the Southern Conference or the Sun Belt. Thanks to Brown, Sparky Woods, Moore, Scott Satterfield, Eli Drinkwitz and Clark, App State continues to win.

“I think in some cases, most cases, it’s probably harder to maintain something than to build it,” said Woods, who guided the Mountaineers to their first I-AA playoff appearance in the Premier League. history of the program in 1986. I have to thank Coach Moore and everyone after. What they did is remarkable to keep it going.

And upset last Saturday at the time-No. 6 Texas A&M shows that the tradition continues.

“It’s not surprising”

Satterfield took on the unenviable task of replacing the legendary Moore in 2013 and led App State until he left to become Louisville’s head coach in 2018. He wasn’t shocked last Saturday to see the Mountaineers realize their second biggest upset in program history.

“It’s no surprise that App went to win that game,” Satterfield said. “This program, they think they can go play anyone, anywhere and win.”

How they came to think that way is at the heart of why Satterfield said the Mountaineers were successful regardless of coach or system in place. Satterfield described Boone as a “very unique place” that people don’t understand “unless they’ve been there”.

The isolation of being located in the mountains – and the winters that go with it – becomes a recruitment tool. Not everyone will like it. And that’s the point. Because players who choose to commit to App State are dedicated. As Satterfield said, rookies “love it or hate it.”

“When they go there, you’ll be doing two things: you’re going to school, you’re playing ball – there’s nothing else to do,” Satterfield said. “And so the people who are there are to play ball. And that’s why when you put the ball down, they’re ready to play. I mean, really, there are no distractions and I think that’s a huge thing that people don’t really fully realize. And the kids there, they play with a chip on their shoulder every day. Every day.”

Satterfield added that the bulk of the roster is made up of players who weren’t recruited by Power Five schools. This is why player evaluation and development have also been factored into their success. Just look in their backfield.

Nate Noel was a 5-foot-10, 170-pound running back from Northwestern High School in Miami. The only other offers he received were from Buffalo, Alabama A&M, Florida International and Alabama State. Cameron Peoples, who was on the 6-foot-2, 185-pound list out of high school, was recruited by Illinois. But his offers came from Georgia State, Troy, Tulane, Massachusetts and UAB.

This duo combined to rush for over 2,000 yards last season. Peoples, now 225 pounds, replaced the injured Noel and gained 112 yards against the Aggies last week, averaging 5.9 yards per carry.

“It’s a unique culture and it’s a program based on having the right people in the building,” Clark said. “We’ve been surrounded by the right people and we have our kind of guys and they’re guys who come here and appreciate a world-class degree and a chance to play for championships. And I think we do a very good job of evaluating not the All-Stars, but also what we see with our own eyes. And it has paid off for us for a long time.

It also pays to have trainers stick around instead of using App State as a springboard job. Drinkwitz, who is currently Missouri’s head coach, was the first coach since Brown to leave after just a year.

Cooper Hodges, a fifth-year offensive lineman, was drafted by and played a year under Satterfield. His second season he played for Drinkwitz. He fully approved of Clark’s hiring and the potential stability it represented.

“We wanted someone who was an enforcement guy,” Hodges said. “It was just more worried about the players and the development than crushing us to go to a bigger school. So we were definitely – I was 100% Coach Clark.

Clark is in his third season and already reminds some of Boone Moore, who coached from 1989 to 2012. Clark and Moore both tend to wear similar vintage sweatshirts, giving new meaning to the phrase. common thread at App State.

N&O reporter Andrew Carter contributed to this story.

DVIDS – News – University of Nebraska scholars to create app for Offutt pilots Tue, 13 Sep 2022 16:54:00 +0000

A group of students from the University of Nebraska at Omaha visited Offutt Air Force Base this summer to test out a flight simulator for an application they were commissioned to create.

“They are working to solve a problem identified by Bockscar by creating a custom in-flight calculator application,” said Alex Mathews, Walter Scott Junior Scholarship Program Coordinator.

Bockscar is an Air Force program that identifies emerging technologies with the goal of creating useful applications for aircrew.

Mathews accompanied them to the base where everyone took turns flying in an RC-135 simulator. By partnering with the U.S. Department of Defense, interns have the opportunity to use their design and coding skills while learning the skills to collaborate and support a client.

“The app will provide mathematical support to calculate various conversions such as temperature, fuel types, units of speed, fuel condition estimates and various aviation-critical weather factors,” Major said. Air Combat Command evaluator navigator Bryan Allebone.

The 55th Wing Innovation Office, which provides technical support for the ACC Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) program, recognized that there was something missing in flight calculations over the past few years. A specialized computer known as the E-6B performs basic and advanced flight functions and formulas that Airmen use to double-check aircraft systems and document various flight mission functions.

Students experienced flight simulations to gather requirements, get a taste of how the Air Force would use the app, and what it looks and feels like when flying.

Maj. Damon Wagoner, 55th Special Projects Operations Group Deputy Chief, trained the students.

“I am so proud of my team for stepping down and delivering this app which has the potential to serve over 150,000 people in our military. Being able to help in this way has been a once in a lifetime experience,” said Bella Donovan, team leader and sophomore at the UN majoring in math and economics.

Students are recipients of the Walter Scott, Jr. Fellowship Program and pursue studies in a variety of scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical disciplines.

The app is currently in testing and development with an expected early fall release date pending cybersecurity assessment and user feedback results.

Date taken: 09.01.2022
Date posted: 13.09.2022 12:54
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amana launches an all-in-one trading app with… Mon, 12 Sep 2022 06:56:50 +0000

(MENAFN- mslgroup) amana, a leading online neo-broker in the MENA region, is gearing up to launch its highly anticipated, best-in-class trading app that will empower its clients to access the markets local and global financiers, regardless of the country. age, gender, income level or level of experience.
The multi-asset investment app will provide amana clients with a highly personalized trading experience and direct, commission-free access to thousands of assets, such as ETFs, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrency currencies, etc.
With transparency and ethical trading at its core, amana’s new app will provide seamless access and greater visibility to growing financial wealth and investment opportunities in the MENA region. Clients will be able to register and open an account in minutes and explore a unique stock portfolio comprised of hundreds of international companies, as well as over 200 major regional powers.
Muhammad Rasoul, CEO of amana, said, “Providing ‘access to all’, regardless of experience level or social status, is at the heart of amana. As the financial industry transforms into a mobile-first digital experience, our highly anticipated app will help create equal opportunities, for women and younger generations in particular, and a way for everyone to participate in regional financial markets. and global markets by removing barriers and enabling a seamless trading experience.
Gen Z – A calculating force in investing
The launch of amana comes amid a larger surge in commerce from emerging Gen Z – a young, tech-savvy customer base. With an estimated population of 1.4 million in the UAE alone, Gen Z customers are driving record transaction volumes. amana wants to ensure that this demographic has access to the best digital tools to better manage and grow their wealth.
“With increasingly younger demographics entering the world of trading and investing, it is crucial to make informed decisions. We understand this and strive to provide users with the required know-how through tools educational tools to help them navigate and make better investment decisions,” added Rasoul.
The road to success
Driven by the transformational impact of new technologies and data, Generation Z is key to creating a new path for societal and economic progress in the MENA region. In the UAE alone, financial wealth is expected to reach $700 billion by 2025 according to BCG, and amana’s platform aims to help clients participate in the region’s growing wealth and opportunity.
By providing a user-friendly interface, financial education, and risk and cost transparency, amana will enable millions of clients to access the world of investing. Its regional equity portfolio will be expanded through the platform with access to stocks from over 200 regional powerhouses, including Emaar, Emirates NBD, Aldar, Saudi Aramco, STC, Fawry, Anghami and other brands across various verticals.
amana does not require any minimum balance and offers split trading. This gives clients in the MENA region access to thousands of products, whatever their budget, to help them start their investment journey. Amana clients can invest in whole or partial shares of shares of international giants such as Tesla, Apple, Carrefour, Siemens, HSBC, Barclays, Unilever and BMW. Additionally, shares of Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Disney, Snapchat, Pfizer, UniCredit, Sainsbury, L’Oreal, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Hermes, and Burberry are all available for trading, among others.
Early adopters of the app can also take advantage of the $100 introductory offer. Offer details are available on the amana app website.


Legal disclaimer: MENAFN provides the information “as is” without warranty of any kind. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy, content, images, videos, licensing, completeness, legality or reliability of any information in this article. If you have any complaints or copyright issues related to this article, please contact the provider above.

Abacus app developed in Japan to learn mental math skills is a global hit Sun, 11 Sep 2022 00:01:59 +0000

TOKYO – An app developed in Japan for people to learn the abacus method for mathematical calculation skills is gaining popularity around the world, with more than 8,000 domestic and overseas students using the app to train their mental arithmetic skills.

Shuhei Komatsu, in the background, performs a mental calculation while moving his fingers in front of a tablet in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo on June 12, 2022. (Mainichi/Yuichi Nishigori)

Users perform calculations by touching virtual beads on the SoroTouch app, just like they do when using a Japanese abacus or soroban. The game-like application allows people to develop their mental arithmetic skills.

At an online “SoroFes” event held in June, 8-year-old Shuhei Komatsu expressed his excitement by shouting, “Great! I am in first place. Yeah ! Komatsu, who joined the event from Tokyo, was one of approximately 630 children from seven countries competing in mental math calculations. A host was seen encouraging attendees via the Zoom app in both Japanese and English.

The 8-year-old can calculate the sum of five three-digit numbers that appear one after another on the tablet screen in just five seconds in the app’s “flash mental calculation” mode. His mother Akina, 38, said: “I make him calculate (the total amount) when we go shopping.”

Chika Yamauchi, the founder of Digika Co. who developed the SoroTouch app, is seen at the company’s office in Tokyo’s Chiyoda district on June 15, 2022. (Mainichi/Yuichi Nishigori)

SoroTouch was developed in 2014. Beads like those used for soroban abacus are displayed on the tablet’s screen, and their color changes when users touch them, allowing them to do calculations like on the traditional calculator . But unlike Japanese soroban abacus, both hands are used on this application. Features of the app include “mental arithmetic mode”, on which the color of the beads does not change but just flashes momentarily when touched. This allows users to learn mental math skills naturally.

The technology was developed by Chika Yamauchi, 56, founder and president of Digika Co. based in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo. When she was in charge of the development of financial products at Citibank, she saw a Japanese trader who was good at mental calculations according to the soroban method, which his colleagues around the world relied on. Yamauchi thought, “This skill is necessary for business.”

After leaving the bank for reasons such as caring for her children, Yamauchi started a soroban school at home with her friends from her mommy community. In 2012, she participated in the World Mental Calculation Championships held in Turkey with her second daughter, who had obtained the rank of second dan in mental calculation. The pair was no match for the other contestants, so Yamauchi studied abacus methods from around the world. The fact that people used both hands overseas surprised her, but she realized: “Instructors in Japan teach how to use the soroban, but in other countries the use of the skills of mental arithmetic in everyday life is the goal (of learning the abacus) from the beginning.”

After various trials and errors, Yamauchi developed the SoroTouch app and released it in 2016.

Digika’s current chairman Yasunobu Hashimoto, 39, was previously in charge of overseas business development at Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten Group Inc. He met Yamauchi in Japan, and they partly got along because he had learned the soroban. Then he joined Digika and helped SoroTouch take off. SoroTouch learning centers have now expanded to 10 countries and regions, and more than 8,000 students are learning the skills while connected online.

(Japanese original by Yuichi Nishigori, Regional News Department)

]]> CuriousJr presents a new version of its “CuriousJr Pro” application. Fri, 09 Sep 2022 13:21:55 +0000

CuriousJr Pro will help students learn coding in a more personalized way with better guided sessions

CuriousJr, the mobile-based coding education platform for K12 students, is set to take education to the next level with the initiative of CuriousJr Pro. The amendment to increase the level of coding education by CuriousJr Pro will be introduced on September 10, available on the regular app on the play store with the new features.

CuriousJr aims to provide coding learning on mobile phones to students who don’t have access to laptops and is now expanding the scale as a premium offering for students. CuriousJr Pro will bring language proficiency opportunities to students with the five-level plan.

  • Guided Learning Path –Students will receive hands-on instruction from a mentor who will help them understand the principles of Python and Javascript.
  • Master classes –The session will be recorded and industry professionals will provide instructions. These sessions will help students learn more about real-world examples of coding implementation.
  • 24/7 Coach Support –Students will be helped to resolve their questions/doubts in real-time by coding specialists conducting live Q&A sessions.
  • Report card – At the end of the week, each student will receive a report card outlining areas where they need to improve and where they are doing well.
  • Weekly competition –These competitions will involve problem statements that will compel these students to implement their learnings and check their standing among other students.

The co-founder of CuriousJr, Mr. Mridul Ranjan Sahu, spoke about the new way of the application, “Currently CuriousJr is giving great ideas about coding, students are interested in the skill of coding, but our mission is to make people understand that coding is not just a secondary skill, but it is a subject skill-based so the goal is to teach students accordingly.CuriousJr Pro will give students the opportunity to understand the actual implementation of coding languages ​​and achieve fluency in the language.

This strategy aims to guide students in depth and help them fully understand coding. In a few days, CuriousJr Pro will move forward with the plan in which students from 8th to 12th standards will learn Javascript and Python while maintaining the consideration of all levels.

Currently, approximately 88% of K12 students do not have access to a laptop/desktop, necessitating mobile solutions for students to learn to code. In addition, 79% of students in the country learn in their mother tongue. Therefore, vernacular learning solutions become essential to ensure an efficient learning system across the country. Since its release in September 2020, the app has racked up over 1.5 million installs and over 250,000 monthly active users. With CuriousJr Pro, the company expects a larger base of users and students on its app.

About CuriousJr

CuriousJr is an online platform based on Gurugram founded in 2020 to enable children aged 8 to 17 to learn to code. It is mobile-first, offers lessons in vernacular languages, and allows students to post and share creations within the wider community. CuriousJr aims to create the most trusted learning platform that delivers technology-enabled, impact-based learning to 500 million children around the world by 2030.

It was founded by Amit Shekhar, Janishar Ali and Mridul Ranjan Sahu, all graduates of IIT-BHU.

To learn more about CuriousJr, visit


Sneaky Algorithms, Video Calls and Dick Photos: Secrets of a Dating App Founder | by PCMag | PC Magazine | Sep 2022 Thu, 08 Sep 2022 04:23:22 +0000
Lizz Warner, founder of Gleam and PopCut. (Credit: Lizz Warner)

In a post-pandemic world, dating apps are here to stay. Gleam founder Lizz Warner gives us insight into the industry and shares her thoughts on how daters can be most successful.

By Emilie Dreibelbis

Frustrated by her own experience as a busy person giving up precious weeknights on unsuccessful dates, Forbes 30 Under 30 winner Created by Lizz Warner Glow in 2019. In a billion dollar industry filled with dating appsWarner sought to create a more productive experience for its users by leveraging video chat.

With Gleam, users uploaded their availability for dates into the app. When receiving a match, the algorithm automatically scheduled a 10-minute video chat when both parties are available, with the goal of directly accessing the most meaningful human connection, as soon as possible. If you corresponded, the app unlocked the text messages, avoiding the unsavory experience of texting a stranger for days, weeks, or even months before the conversation ended without a meeting.

“I wanted to create a real dating app, not a texting app,” Warner said.


In just a few years, Warner built Gleam from the ground up, saw couples who met on the app get engaged, and sold his company to an up-and-coming app with a similar mission called FROMfounded by Joe Feminella in July 2022. Gleam was previously available in Los Angeles and New York, but for now is offline while it merges with FROME, which is available on iOS and android.

Warner has already founded its next startup, video editing software PopCut. But before she left the dating industry, she gave us some insight into how dating apps work and the secret sauce to finding a successful match in the seemingly endless game of online dating.

FROME stands for “First Round On Me”. (Credit: PCMag/Apple)

PCMag: What do you think the top performers in your application were doing? What were their profiles like, how many dates did they have per week, etc. ?
: The most successful profiles had very clear photos. The dating coaches we’ve worked with told me that your profile should tell a story. It should have a bow and tell your life story. There should be a photo of you alone, one with friends, one doing an activity you enjoy – show yourself as well balanced. You would be surprised how many people upload blurry photos or all group photos.

But to be clear, a common misconception is that as the founder of a dating app, I was a master puppeteer who could see every conversation and action someone took on the app. In fact, to be approved by Apple and be in the App Store, you must have many privacy protections. You gotta have your shit together. Our CTO and lead engineer who built the app, Graham Wood, was very mindful of security and privacy. So most of the feedback I have from users comes from personal conversations and surveys.

What else did the dating coach tell you?
Many dating coaches have actually contacted and supported… getting clients to go straight to a video call. There is even that video by [dating coach] Matthew Hussey, who says the exact same thing. My friends were texting me and joking that it was an ad for Gleam.

I also learned how many people need advice on dating in general. We integrated a dating coach feature that would set up a 10-minute chat with a dating coach, and we made revenue from it. Each trainer had their own specialty – some focused on making our profile stand out, some worked specifically with men or women. If people liked the coach, they could continue. I think it helped people focus on what they liked and what patterns they needed to change. I would recommend it to everyone.

Was there any user behavior that surprised you after building the app and reaching a critical mass of users?
The cock pics. You hear about it, but it surprised me every time. We’ve made sure your profile is approved before it goes live on the app. And thank goodness we did, because people were uploading their dick pics and we had to take them down. Why does anyone think this is a good idea? I don’t understand. And every dating app has this problem. I looked at a TikTok from a guy who works at a dating app, and he said, ‘Yeah, I wake up every morning and look at 200 dick pics.’ It’s very shocking.

Are there any software-related reasons why many people struggle to find successful matches on dating apps?
If you’re having trouble with apps, don’t take it personally. Apps like Hinge, Bumblebee, tinder– all great – earn more money when you stay there. As soon as you are in a relationship, they lose you as a user. Tinder is one of most profitable apps For a reason.

Top-grossing apps in the US in 2021 (Credit: AppMagic, Sensor Tower via

They do all sorts of tricks with their algorithm to show you people in a bucket of desirability lower than you to drag you down longer. Or you could say yes to someone, but the app will never show them your profile. I haven’t worked there myself, but I’ve talked to people who work there…and that’s what they said. [From] what I’ve heard, this in the industry in general.

So, are they urging you to pay for premium plans? Are they intentionally making the experience worse, so you’re paying to get the base experience you thought you were getting all along?
What I heard is that they try to do what they can to get you into the payment funnel. Once you pay to boost your profile, you get a lot more matches. They prioritize the experience of people who pay, and they want to inspire you to keep doing it.

Hinge interface example, ad for the paid plan on the right. (Credit: PCMag Hinge Review)

How do you think people can protect their sanity when using dating apps
Everyone must set their own boundaries and boundaries. I knew someone who was only going to schedule appointments the first five days of the week and leave the other two open. Other people will only use apps for 10 minutes a day. Something like that. If you don’t set limits, you get sucked into this hole of constant scanning, messaging, and death of message threads. It’s just deflating, tedious and tedious, so you need to figure out what actually works for you.

Dating apps were a $7 billion market in 2021 and expected to be an $11 billion market by 2028, according to an estimation. For all entrepreneurs, would you recommend dating apps as a good business startup idea?
I would say if you’ve worked in another dating app before, and you’re in a very senior position, and you understand what’s going on there, then for you, yes, this can be a good business opportunity. Because then you know what it takes – the ins and outs and complications of building something like this. But if you’re just thinking “Oh, I use dating apps” and want to make your own, then it’s a lot harder. Mostly fundraising and learning everything from scratch. It takes so long.

PopCut, Warner’s next venture, connects brands with top video editors at an affordable price. (Credit: PCMag/

Your trip seemed quick, though. You founded Gleam in 2019 and sold it in 2022.
True. And even though we started in 2019, we didn’t really launch until 2021, so it was about a year and a half. But other companies can build and launch an app in five or six months. Plus, I was working 12-16 hour days just staring at my computer in the middle of the pandemic. I was learning everything, and it was really intense. Yes, we were lucky to be acquired. But it was still a very long and tedious process.

Well, it’s great to see your success, especially as a female entrepreneur.
Thanks. That’s one thing I’ve learned: we really need more women entrepreneurs, more women starting businesses. There are so many problems that we need women to solve.

For more on dating apps, see The 5 Best Breakup Apps to Soothe a Broken Heart and The best hookup apps .