Booster Jab travel certificate and app update expected

A new certificate for international travelers from Northern Ireland proving they have received their recall work is expected to be announced next week.

An update of the Covid application is also scheduled for January, according to the Ministry of Health.

Northern Ireland is currently the only part of the UK where there is no official evidence of having received a recall.

Some countries require such proof to enter them.

One reader said this was a particular problem when visiting some European countries that only recognize vaccinations within a few months, such as Austria.

Israel and Croatia have also introduced deadlines for Covid vaccination status to be valid for travel without quarantine.

For Austria, the booster doses extend the validity of the vaccination status by an additional 270 days, but a proof certificate is required.

One reader said: “I have not seen any information from the executive on this matter, nor any local media reporting on it.

“We have to go to Austria at the beginning of February, when my wife’s vaccination status would no longer be valid to enter Austria.

“We are increasingly concerned that this has not been resolved as we enter the Christmas break period. After trying to contact a number of MPs about this, I was unable to get a response. “

A spokesperson for the Department of Health said a downloadable Digital Single Dose Booster travel certificate with a 2D barcode or QR code “is expected to be available via nidirect next week, followed by an update to the Booster Dose application in January 2022 ”.

Meanwhile, anyone unable to get a Covid vaccine for medical reasons can now obtain an official Covid passport to allow them access to public places.

People who may be eligible for the exemption include those receiving end-of-life care where vaccination is not in their best interests, people with a learning disability or autism, and anyone with an allergy. serious to all current vaccines or have had a serious adverse reaction to their first dose.

Time-limited exemptions will also be available for people with certain short-term conditions.

A number of new options were introduced yesterday to allow people to prove their Covid certification status.

Digital recovery certificates are available through the CovidCert NI app, providing official confirmation of a positive Covid-19 PCR between 30 days and 180 days.

Evidence of a positive Covid-19 PCR test within the 30 to 180 day period is one of the Covid certification options to access designated settings, including licensed pubs and restaurants.

Covid certification went into effect in Northern Ireland on November 29 to help limit the transmission of Covid-19 in high-risk settings.

The execution for non-compliance begins this Monday.

Requests for an exemption certificate can be made by calling the Covid Certification Service Hotline on 0300 200 7814.

According to the latest statistics from the Department of Health, released yesterday at midday, 4,600 vaccines have been administered in Northern Ireland during the last 24-hour reference period.

These include 1,376,730 first doses and 1,277,982 second doses.

Some 17,863 third doses were administered, along with 498,307 booster injections.

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