Bonnie Wright partners with Food Waste App Too Good to Go

We love Bonnie Wright for her fiery portrayal of Ginny Weasley in the Eight Potter movies. But we also love him for using his platform to talk about environmental protection.

Recently, Wright partnered with Too Good to Go, an anti-food waste movement, to mark the United Nations International Awareness Day on Food Waste Reduction and Loss.

In an interview with Wright, Lucie Basch (co-founder of Too Good to Go) said that 40% of the world’s food is wasted, which equates to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. The ambition of Too Good to Go is to enable everyone to come together to do what they can to reduce food waste, which led the founders to create an app where companies in the food industry can sell their products. surplus food to individuals at a fraction of the cost. In turn, individuals can use the app to connect with local stores participating in the movement.

The Too Good to Go website is full of information on how to reduce food waste. Simple changes can make a real difference in reducing household food waste, like showing love for wobbly produce by purchasing less than perfect fruits and vegetables.

Businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, and bakeries can find out how to list their excess food on the Too Good to Go app and sell it to customers. And schools can use the educational tools and resources, to help teach the next generation how to protect our planet.

During the interview between Wright and Basch, Wright observed how “often, we think that acting for the environment is to happen or to minimize things but that being part of the Too Good to Go movement is “the opposite of that.

Basch agreed and said that “You can do the right thing and still enjoy it. This is what we are proving at Too Good to Go. You can make a real difference for your planet and feel good. She also stated that Too Good to Go wanted to bring a “Solution to the world and truly be this global movement against food waste, where everyone can feel part of the solution.

For more on Wright and Basch, watch the video below. Their enthusiasm for reducing food waste is contagious.

Talk to Us weekly, Wright revealed that she has used the app herself and explained how the simple changes she made in her own life, such as composting leftover food and not buying more than that it needs, can make a real difference in reducing food waste.

Wright also revealed that there was a group chat between herself, Emma Watson, Katie Leung (Cho Chang) and Evanna Lynch, which was set up due to their common environmental interests and goals. . Wright said it was good that they found their way into something that shares a similar goal.

Wright is not just an advocate for reducing food waste. She is also passionate about protecting our oceans from microplastic waste and eliminating single-use plastics. Contributing to awareness with Greenpeace, Wright hosted the first-ever plastic-free picnic, set up a sustainability hangout called Waste Watch in Los Angeles, and urged Coca-Cola to abandon its use of single-use plastics. . Wright became Ocean Ambassador for Greenpeace in 2019.

Wright is also an Ambassador for the Rainforest Alliance. She traveled to Guatemala in 2020 to highlight the important work she is doing to eliminate deforestation and meet with communities trying to preserve the Mayan Biosphere Reserve.

So if you want to be like Bonnie and help fight food waste, head over to the Too Good to Go website for some informative advice, or download the app to see if any stores near you are participating. Will you join the movement?

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