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White label blockchain solution

Blockchain App Factory is an industry leader in blockchain app development. Its Whitelabel platforms have gained popularity due to their excellent features

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, May 30, 2022 / — The world is moving towards adapting blockchains as the mainstream, which can be seen by trading volumes on various categories of blockchain-based applications. Several categories of blockchain applications have consistently hit the $1 billion mark they had earned over the past two years.

Such commercial scales have only been possible due to the increase in the number of operational companies in each category. Most of these companies have benefited from what software experts call “Whitelabel” solutions. White label solutions are software platforms developed elsewhere and businesses can modify them to suit their needs. Such platforms have the advantage of saving time and money through extensive development, which is paramount in the commercial world.

Blockchain App Factory is one of the reputable blockchain development companies serving the crypto business community for almost a decade. The company was one of the pioneers of the Whitelabel revolution in the blockchain world. The blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) company has great expertise in developing quality whitelabel versions of several blockchain-based applications. The firm has already served numerous clients with its Whitelabel platform modification services, with a project success rate of over 95%.

One of the company’s most popular easily launchable platforms is the Whitelabel NFT market. The company’s skilled developers have ensured that the platform consists of all the functional features needed for an NFT marketplace. Features like storefront, search engine, filtering and sorting options, crypto wallet, listing/auction portals, admin end, etc. can be seen on the platform. Blockchain App Factory’s Whitelabel NFT marketplace solution also consists of an immersive user interface that can be customized according to the client’s needs.

White Label IoT Launchpad is another popular whitelabel solution from Blockchain App Factory that has catapulted many startups to raise funds through decentralized exchanges in hindsight. The platform also contains all the essential attributes needed for an IoT dashboard to work. The Whitelabel IoT dashboard includes features for end users including SEO portal, search engine, sorting and filtering options, decentralized exchange, liquidity pools and tier staking modules, among others. The platform can also be extensively modified to meet the needs of a project, and the time required will be minimal compared to starting from scratch.

The most famous Whitelabel solution that the company has developed is the White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange. Most of the development projects Blockchain App Factory has worked on have been cryptocurrency exchanges, with its Whitelabel solution being one of the reasons for greater representation. It can be seen that the company’s Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange platform almost looks like a trading platform that a crypto newbie would even try to link their digital wallet. Such is the perfection of the Whitelabel solution for cryptocurrency exchange offered by Blockchain App Factory, and industry experts say the platform can never be wrong.

Additionally, a business owner can have a centralized, decentralized, and hybrid cryptocurrency exchange from their Whitelabel solutions designed for the category. It should be noted here that all of these Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange solutions may have exclusively modified user features to give a single platform for a cryptocurrency exchange business.

It must be noted that all Whitelabel solutions offered by Blockchain App Factory are affordable for any entrepreneur, as the company believes in the popular statement, “Even the smallest ideas can create an eternal revolution”. Since the development time required to prepare the Whitelabel solution for operations is minimal, an aspiring crypto entrepreneur can dive into their dream very quickly without having to wait months for repetitive troubleshooting.

Besides developing whitelabel solutions for NFT marketplaces, IoT launchpads, and cryptocurrency exchanges, Blockchain App Factory also specializes in developing such apps from scratch. The company’s developers can create applications such as ICO platforms, non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrencies, decentralized financial applications and games to earn for their customers.

The company has also started to further explore Web3 technology, where blockchains play a vital role in application hosting. Typical Web3 applications use other emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) . The company’s expertise in blockchains and the work it has done over the years has ensured that Blockchain App Factory will be a major player in shaping the Web3 world.

For a business owner, working with a very reputable company with a global presence is a gift, and Blockchain App Factory is one such company that provides quality Whitelabel solutions. Furthermore, the company has a huge team of highly trained and experienced professionals who work on the continuous improvement of their Whitelabel platform to keep pace with the changing world of crypto. It should also be noted that all your requirements will be met by the company without compromising the result of the platform in any aspect. Approach one of the experts at Blockchain App Factory now to avail of the best development services in the enterprise domain for Whitelabel solutions for your new Web3 business.

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