Best Websites to Learn Forex Trading

Forex trading is a live financial event that involves dealing with many tips that require both tactics and techniques in a smart and knowledgeable manner. So, it is better to use one of the best websites to learn Forex trading and build your power as a Forex trader; in this sense, you will guarantee your transactions. Remember that knowledge is power!

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5 Best Websites to Learn Forex Trading

A large number of websites and online platforms offer useful forex trading courses. There are several ways to find the best of them, including asking for references. For example, you can ask your family, friends or some of your colleagues to introduce you to one of them. Overall, here are the 6 best websites to learn forex trading with different features, pros and cons to help you decide better. is one of the best online courses for learning forex trading. There are many remarkable courses with strong educational features on this website which allow candidates to get the points in depth. was established in 2012 by Nick McDonald who is one of the leading independent forex traders. Students of this website are expected to be successful using the methods they have learned in the courses they have taken at

Advantages and disadvantages

Some of the benefits of are:

Complete courses

Provide mentors, exclusive trading tools and a live trading room

Fair cost and membership reduction

Seven-day free trial and seven-day refund period

Like many other websites, this one has its own drawbacks that make you consider them in your decisions:

Mainly designed for beginner or intermediate traders

High cost for monthly membership payment rather than yearly

Udemy — Forex Trading From A to Z

Udemy is one of the affordable websites for learning Forex trading and it has a lot of features that attract many traders. Training on this site is done through 5.5 hours of videos and some helpful articles. It’s more noticeable that students have the option of full lifetime access and a money back guarantee, all for $ 12.99.

Lifetime Access gives students the ability to watch videos and articles in the future and whenever they want. After completing all the courses, students should be familiar with all forex trading methods and they should be able to trade independently with a solid foundation of knowledge gained through Udemy courses.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among all these notable features of Udemy, some of the most critical benefits of this website are:


Complete materials

Wide choice of courses

Tutor access

The downsides of Udemy that may be important to you are:

No chance of practical application

No chat rooms

No coaching

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Merchants Academy Club

Traders Academy Club offers several courses and educational tools for beginners and advanced traders. This website is a useful platform to help you trade to the next level for just $ 197 per year. Classes are taught in many webinars that can be found on the website and students have access to them as well as several recorded videos that are analysis of other currency exchanges. Students can also use the types of live webinars with the guests who are some of the successful marketers with professional backgrounds.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to all of the perks mentioned above, there are other perks that make Traders Academy a great place to learn forex trading tips. Benefits such as:

Comprehensive training at different levels

Reliable educational resources

Access to a demo of forex trading conditions

Active chat rooms

Group mentoring

Free training courses

It is one of the websites with only one downside which is its high price.

Asia Forex Mentor

Asia Forex Mentor is a core online program and its founder is Ezekiel Chew who created this program in 2008. The program presents its courses through 26 large-scale lessons with over 60 sub-topics. Asia Forex Mentor students are expected to be professional traders by the end of semesters and have the ability to analyze other forex transactions. By using this program, members can gain access to other related programs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among all the benefits of Asia Forex Mentor, some of the most notable are:

An extensive course offer

Studio Quality Video Lessons

Free trial of five lessons

A mentor who is a world famous trader

Like Traders Academy Club, Asia Forex Mentor has one notable drawback which is the lack of a monthly payment plan for training courses.

Daily Forex FX Academy

Designed by many professional traders, Daily Forex FX Academy is a global forex trading authority. This platform is designed for experienced traders who need to know advanced techniques of forex transactions. Daily Forex FX Academy courses are categorized with animated videos, reading material, quizzes, and recommendations for further study. There is forex simulation on this platform which gives students brilliant knowledge which makes them exceptional.

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Advantages and disadvantages

For mentioning the pros of Daily Forex FX Academy as one of the best websites to learn about forex trading, it is better to say:

Free of charge

Complete course offer

Complete video library

Offer many trading tools

No live trading room is the only downside of Daily Forex FX Academy.

The bottom line

In order to be a successful forex trader, you must always be up to date and aware of the latest methods. In this regard, you need to find one of the websites that has a lot of courses to learn all the techniques of currency trading. Remember that a trader can be remarkable among the army of rivals who strengthen each other with knowledge. So, try to find one of the websites to learn forex trading which is the best on your terms.

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