Best apps, websites and online learning tools to educate kids at home

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best Online learning sites, applications, and tools To educate children at home. E-Learning is a digital approach to education. The implementation of technology in the education sector has brought a new revolution and made learning easier for children. It uses electronic resources like smartphone apps, websites or tools, software, etc. to make learning fun for kids, and we have included all of these apps and other tools in this article.

What is the best educational site for kids?

There are many educational websites for children available on the Internet. Some of these websites are free, some offer limited access in their free plans, while others are fully paid. The content provided by these websites differs from each other. We have also mentioned below some free online learning websites in this article that you can try to educate your kids.

Best free online learning apps, websites and tools to educate kids at home

We have the following apps, websites, and e-learning tools on this list:

  1. National Geographic Children
  2. e-learning for children
  3. CoolMath4Kids
  4. Falling stars
  6. GCunderstood
  7. iEducation
  8. Khan Academy Kids.

Let’s check them all one by one.

1]National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Children

This is an online learning platform for children from National Geographic. This online platform helps children learn various facts about science through videos, games, quizzes, etc.

They also classified animals into different categories including mammals, birds, prehistoric animals, amphibians, invertebrates, etc. Other than that, there is a lot more to explore, like history, science, space, weird but true things, etc.

National Geographic Kids is a good website that teaches kids a lot of cool things in a fun and interesting way.

Visit the official National Geographic Kids website,, to use their online learning platform.

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2]e-learning for children

e-learning for children

e-learning for kids is an online platform that made learning fun for kids. The website provides free education to all children around the world.

It offers two types of lessons for children, math and science. Both of these courses are available for children from Kindergarten to Grade 6. You can view all the lessons by clicking on the button Open list view option in the left pane. A search box is also available on the website that allows you to search for a particular lesson by entering its name.

The site is available in two languages, English and Spanish. If we talk about the number of lessons it has more 200 lessons and you can access all of these lessons for free.

Some of the math lessons available on the website are:

  • Count to 20
  • Data and capacity
  • 3D shapes and position
  • Addition
  • The hour and the mass
  • Angles and position on a map
  • Measure and mass
  • Fractions, etc.

Here are some of the science lessons available on the website:

  • What is the problem?
  • What is heat?
  • What is a habitat?
  • What are adaptations?
  • What are food webs?
  • What is energy?

This free online learning tool is available at

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CoolMath4Kids is another online learning platform for kids. As the name suggests, it helps kids learn math while having fun. This website offers math games, lessons, quizzes, puzzles and more.

The content of this platform is available from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

The CoolMath4Kids site offers math lessons on five different topics:

  • Addition
  • Substraction
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Fractions.

Math games are also available in these five categories.

It also has the Mind games category that contains advanced math problems including Penny Triangle, Handshake Puzzles, Toothpick Squares, Counting Figures (triangles), etc.

You can access this online learning platform by visiting

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4]Falling stars

Falling stars

Starfall is an online learning website that helps kids learn math, language, art, and music. The content on this website is available to children studying in Grades 1, 2 and 3.

Fiction and NonFiction, Folk Tales, Tongue Twisters, Poetry, Bird Riddles, and more make learning fun for kids. Its music library has a good collection of music. Children can relieve their stress by listening to music in the music library.

The website is good for kids, but it has some limitations in its free plan. Users with the free plan cannot access all of the content on this website.

Visit to use this online learning platform for children.



FUNBRAIN is a free online learning website for children in Kindergarten to Grade 8. The content of this website is divided into five different categories:

  1. Games
  2. Reading
  3. Videos
  4. Playground
  5. Maths area.

The Reading category has an extensive collection of story books. The Mathematics area allows children to learn different math concepts by playing interesting games. Below we have mentioned some of the math games available on the website:

  • Math Football
  • Survivor of the form
  • Connect the Dots, Math Basketball
  • Measure the
  • Place value puzzle, etc.

Visit to open and use this free online learning website.


Free e-learning software GCompris

GCompris is free online learning software for children. It comes with a good collection of games that allow kids to learn different subjects like English, Math, Science, Fine Art, etc. while having fun.

Apart from this, GCompris also offers logic games which help children to develop their logical and thinking skills.

It also offers vocabulary games. Playing such games will be a good help for children to develop their vocabulary.

You can download GCompris from



iEducation is a free online learning application for Windows 11/10 available on the Microsoft Store.

Unlike other e-learning websites and software on this list, iEducation does not have fun educational games or hands-on exercises. Instead, it offers video lessons for students from kindergarten to college level. All of these video lectures are designed to help students quickly understand the concept and remember it for a long time.

8]The children of the Khan Academy

Khan Academy Kids Android app

Khan Academy Kids is a free online learning Android app. You can get it from Google Play Store. This app is suitable for children from kindergarten to grade 2. You can create multiple child profiles in this app.
This app has a lot more for kids to learn and explore. It offers e-books, free video lessons, reading exercises, math exercises, logic problems, and more.
They also introduced an animated character to the app. It guides children on how to solve a particular problem. If the kids are trying a question wrong, this explains the correct way to solve the question.
Offline work is an additional feature of the application. When you are not connected to the Internet, your children can access the content offline.
Soft music is played in the background which does not leave children bored while they study. The lively design of this app makes learning interesting and fun for kids.

Is Online Learning Good For Kids?

Yes, online learning is good for kids in most cases. If we compare the e-learning approach with the traditional teaching method, the latter is a bit difficult for children to grasp the concepts. Online learning uses a visualization technique that helps children quickly relate concepts. This allows them to better understand the concepts of a particular subject.

Is online learning for kids free?

Online learning for kids is both free and paid. If you search the internet, you will find many different e-learning websites that offer free and paid plans. Therefore, it depends on you which plan you want to sign up for your children.

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