Bay Tree Bookstore Partners with Akademos to Launch Online Manual and Course Materials Platform

UCSC’s Bay Tree Bookstore will begin its transition in December 2021 to an online bookstore platform that enables the purchase and rental of digital and hardcover textbooks.

In partnership with Akademos, a leading higher education platform for the dissemination and analysis of course content, students and faculty will have access to a full-service online bookstore providing affordable and efficient access to a wide range of educational content.

The transition to Akademos will be overseen by a committee co-chaired by Pradip Mascharak, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Angela Cline, Director of Business and Financial Analysis for Colleges, Housing and Educational Services (CHES).

A committee of faculty, students and UCSC staff carefully reviewed the services offered by industry leaders in providing textbooks / course materials for higher education using a range of criteria encompassing affordability of course material, customer service, accessibility, data security, and commitment to diversity and sustainability.

“I welcome this new platform to support affordable course material for students,” Mascharak said. “Akademos will take care of all the licenses of the e-books from the vendors, which will make it easy for the instructor to adopt such teaching aids for their courses.

Students and faculty continue to show a growing preference for highly portable digital textbooks, rental textbooks, and other course materials.

For years, textbooks have been the center of attention in the bookstore. The upward trend in the use of digital formats was reflected in a strong downward trend in in-store course material purchases.

Implementation of this new range of services will continue throughout this academic year with the platform’s full launch plan in fall 2022. Bay Tree Bookstore will continue to operate an on-campus boutique and online for goods and clothing.

Through a competitive bidding process, Akademos has been selected as the preferred campus partner to create a new online bookstore operation that will offer all required and recommended textbooks and course materials through an integrated e-commerce system. The platform has partnerships with the City University of New York, the University of South Dakota, and other universities.

Faculty will see a streamlined, individualized, and customizable adoption process that benefits from strong search and review capabilities, real-time pricing and availability metrics, and the inclusion of other course materials, grades. course and files.

Students will access a personalized course page displaying only the courses they are registered for and a list of all related course materials at a range of prices and in a wide variety of formats, including new and used paper versions, electronic versions, and rentals. Students will have access to several low-cost options, have instant access to digital material, or have the option of sending their course material to them on a one-to-one basis.

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