Amazon, Books and a Blanket Partner for “Reading Day” at Forest Ridge Elementary

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) — The Forest Ridge Elementary Head Start class held its annual “Reading Day” on Tuesday. Books and a Blanket, a local nonprofit that promotes literacy, has sponsored the event for years, but this year Amazon reached out to increase the number of books donated to students.

Books and a Blanket president Harper Cunningham said getting into reading at such a young age was their organization’s raison d’être. The school’s curriculum is filled with 3 and 4 year olds, the perfect age to start a lifelong love of reading.

“We wanted to make sure all the kids had their own books, because for us it started around that age,” Cunningham said. Harper and her sister Maggie launched the nonprofit in 2012.

The young students welcomed the Amazon truck with decorated signs, music and bubbles to show their appreciation. They then go inside the truck to choose their own book and quilt to keep. Teachers, parents and students then gathered in the library for a reading program.

“It’s really special to see parents reading with them and having kids pick up books at such a young age,” Cunningham said. “I really think they’ll remember that experience when they’re older. That’s the goal.

Amazon donated over $5,000 worth of books to the Head Start class at Forest Ridge. Cunningham said when they received Amazon’s offer to partner up, she was shocked. She never thought Books and a Blanket would be big enough for Amazon to notice.

Daniel Martin, spokesperson for Amazon, came from Dallas to deliver the books to the students. He said Amazon is always looking for ways to get involved in the community.

“Literacy and education is something very close and dear to our hearts. You know, we started out selling books,” Martin said.

Amazon is trying to help lay the groundwork to give students the resources they need to improve their lives, according to Martin. He said they are actively looking for partners throughout the state of Texas.

“Books and a Blanket is one of them, they have such a unique mission that we admire so much. We’re just honored to be able to partner with them,” Martin said.

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