Amazon and Nike advertise on websites spreading misinformation about COVID-19 in US and UK: report

Amazon and Nike have advertised on numerous websites that promote misinformation about COVID and other conspiracy theories, according to a recent report.

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In this photograph taken on November 18, 2020 in Lille, a person poses with a smartphone bearing an Amazon logo, in front of a computer screen displaying the home page of the Amazon France sales site.

According to Insider, giant companies, such as Amazon, Nike, Asos and even Ted Baker, among others, have been caught advertising on some of the websites that were intentionally promoting disinformation about COVID-19. .

The advertising information is derived from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism research that he recently published.

Amazon and Nike advertise on COVID disinformation sites

The report further revealed that Nike and Amazon, among other prominent companies, had advertised on sites that specifically promoted conspiracy theories involving COVID-19.

Amazon and Nike advertise on websites spreading misinformation about COVID-19 in US and UK: report

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An elderly man and a child walk past a Nike logo in Beijing’s Wangfujing shopping district on June 2, 2021.

Some of the misinformation claims the novel coronavirus was engineered by powerful figures, along with bogus data insisting that COVID-19 vaccines have claimed thousands of lives.

Amazon ads on disinformation sites

Ads from e-commerce giant Amazon have mushroomed on disinformation sites.

Some of them even mistakenly claim that Bill Gates has declared that these mRNA vaccines, such as Moderna and Pfizer, are “toxic”.

It is worth noting that the Microsoft co-founder was part of similar conspiracy theories.

To be exact, Amazon’s ads were seen on a total of 30 fake news websites, which is half of the nearly 60 disinformation websites that serve ads from big brands like Nike.

It should be noted that Amazon, Nike has yet to release a statement on the recent report.

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Ads on disinformation sites

In addition to that, Walgreens, eBay and Honda ads have also been found on these disinformation platforms.

American Honda, the Japanese automaker, said in a report from The Observer that they “are currently working to determine how our advertising may have appeared on the websites in question.”

The popular automaker has further assured the public that the company will never support the spread of disinformation about COVID-19.

In addition to these companies, the US Department of Veterans Affairs announcements have also appeared on two disinformation sites.

The Department of Veterans Affairs or DVA went on to explain in the Bureau of Investigative Journalism report that “the pace of new information and new websites that come online daily makes it extremely difficult to ensure that our ads do not appear.” on the spread of disinformation. sites.

DVA further noted that it proactively blocks advertisements on these types of sites.

Not only that, the research also showed other organizations including educational institutions and charities on the conspiracy websites.

Elsewhere, YouTube has already launched a crackdown on COVID-19 disinformation on the platform, serving more than a million videos.

Meanwhile, Reddit’s refusal to kick out disinformation communities among its subreddits sparked widespread protest.

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