ABN Amro offers a new feature for its mobile payment application Tikkie

Bank based in the Netherlands ABN Amro launched Groepie, a feature in its Tikkie app, which allows users to track and pay for costs as a group.

Users can create a Groepi in the app and invite other members to join the collective and share their costs. Friends and family can be invited to the group through various means, including WhatsApp. Tikkie then takes care of the math.

Tikkie officials explained that the new feature is handy for one-time events, like a night out on the town with friends, as well as long-term expenses, like tracking shared costs incurred within a household.

ABN Amro supports educated spending

Financial education app for kids Gimi has partnered with ABN AMRO to help educate young customers about personal finance and provide them with a secure platform to manage their bank accounts, according to FinancialIT.

The partnership with Gimi allows ABN AMRO to launch an educational tool designed specifically for children and their parents, to directly help solve the problem of financial illiteracy among young people. The co-branded application, developed in 90 days, allows the bank’s young customers to easily manage their money through their bank account connected via Open Banking.

The app will be available to all families in the Netherlands, and those accessing it through ABN AMRO will have free access to Gimi’s Superskills Pro subscription, which is typically EUR 2.99 per child per month. The Superskills package maximizes the financial literacy learning experience for children, as they can enroll in online personal finance courses and participate in “financial missions” with their families.

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