A Fareham man has written three books about disabled children

All three books aim to update the way children with disabilities are portrayed in the media and he has a strong connection to the subject, as his 16-year-old daughter, Emily White, is a wheelchair user herself.

Dan White, Fareham, has created a series of three books for Pearson on children with disabilities. Emily White and Dan White

Dan said, “Too many books infantilize characters with disabilities, making them either one-dimensional or victims of their circumstances. I wanted to solve this problem by creating a range of books that show the real life experiences of a child with a disability.

“Emily embodies every child with a disability, she’s confident, outgoing and if people say she can’t do something, she asks why. If you give kids with disabilities the right tools, they’ll prove they can do anything and anything anyone else can.

All three books follow a character called Brook who is a “saucy”, “confident” wheelchair user who goes on different adventures, the first being to the moon where his imagination takes him.

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Dan White, Fareham, has created a series of three books for Pearson on children with disabilities.

The second book examines history and how some of the most important people with disabilities are forgotten or not mentioned as much as they should be, and Dan said it was really important for him to explore how people with disabilities should be included.

Dan has also been approached by Ladybird, and a book will be released next year from them, also highlighting the importance of inclusion.

He said: “Other publishers are getting it. They understand that children with disabilities should be in the books. It’s part of life, and it should be seen everywhere and people should embrace it rather than turn away from it.

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