5 Websites to Check Indian Government Internships

OInternships are a great way to add gravitas to your resume, but they also expose you to various experiences within an organization. During internships, students can gauge their interest in a particular department or field and can then make an informed decision while applying for a job.

So here are five websites to check for Indian government internships.

1. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Eligibility: Internships at MEA Headquarters are generally open to Indian citizens.

One must have a graduate degree from a recognized university at the time of application.

Internships are also open to students who are currently in their final year of study, where an internship is a mandatory part of their final year course.

Candidates must not be over 25 years old on December 31 of the internship year.

Contribution and duration: A total of 75 internships will be offered during the year 2022 in a single three-month term from April to June 2022.

All selected interns will be required to join the ministry on the same day in April 2022.

Each intern will be hired for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months.

Intern’s tasks: The internship program provides an introduction to the process of foreign policy formulation and its implementation by the Indian government. Interns will be assigned specific work topics by the relevant Head of Division (HOD) and may be required to carry out research, write reports, analyze evolving developments or perform any other task assigned to them by the HOD.

At the end of the internship, each trainee must submit a detailed report on the work carried out and, if necessary, make a presentation. The result of the study during the internship will remain the intellectual property of the MEA and the interns should not use it without the prior approval of the ministry.

The intern must maintain complete confidentiality of all information relating to the MEA.

How to register: Click on here to access the official website.

2. NITI Ayog

Niti Ayog

Eligibility: Undergraduate/postgraduate students or scholars enrolled in recognized universities/institutions in India and abroad can apply for the NITI Aayog Internship Program.

They will work closely with NITI verticals/divisions/cells. Applicants should apply online by completing the registration form.

Contribution and duration: The online application link is open from the 1st to the 10th of every month.

The duration of the internship must be at least six weeks but not exceeding six months. Trainees who do not complete the required period will not receive any certificate.

Intern’s tasks: Interns will have an opportunity to learn about the workings of government and development policy issues in the Indian government and contribute to policy formulation by generating policy inputs such as empirical analysis, briefing reports, guidance documents, etc.

Trainees will need to have their own laptop. NITI Aayog will provide them with workspace, internet facility and other necessities deemed appropriate by the chiefs concerned.

The internship will be unpaid.

How to register: Click on here to access the official website.

3. Internship at Reserve Bank of India (RBI)


Eligibility: All candidates, who are pursuing research or PhD in economics, finance, banking and related subjects, will be eligible to apply for this internship program.

The RBI Internship Program will also allow B.Tech and BE candidates who also have adequate IT knowledge, data analytics knowledge, and associate degrees in economics, statistical science, or finance to join this program.

Contribution and duration: The duration of this internship program will be six months.

The department organizes the internship programs in two distinct sessions. While the first takes place in January, the second will start in July.

To secure the position in the internship projects, applicants are encouraged to send their curriculum vitae at least five months in advance.

In case a candidate is interested in joining in January, the application form should be sent in August of the previous year. To join the July session, candidates must apply in February of the current year.

Things to know: Each selected candidate will receive up to Rs 35,000 each month as a stipend for this internship program.

How to register: Write to [email protected] for more details.

4. Internship at the Ministry of Law and Justice

Short Supreme

Eligibility: All applicants who wish to be part of this internship program will have final year law applicants from a reputable and registered institute.

The internship program under this department will allow students to learn more about legislative drafting.

Contribution and duration: Under normal circumstances, interns will stay in the project for four months. But in special circumstances, the internship can extend for about six months.

From the hundreds of applications the department receives, only five deserving students will be selected.

Application lines remain open year-round. But it is better to submit the application form once the ministry issues the final notification.

Things to know: The department also does not pay any scholarships to interns. They will only receive a certificate.

How to register: The application document should be uploaded to [email protected]

All applicants must upload their curriculum vitae, as well as the recommendation letter and NOC from the college director.

5. Internship at the Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance

Eligibility: Only candidates who take special 5-year courses in management, finance and economics will be able to apply for this internship. But, applicants must be studying in 4th or 5th year.

Contribution and duration: The duration of this internship will be two to six months.

It is advisable to send the application letter about a month in advance.

If a person wishes to join the internship program in February, their application must be submitted no later than January 1st.

The number of internships will be limited to a maximum of 15.

Intern’s tasks: Each candidate is required to send the application form, together with a CV and other documents to the Ministry of Finance by post.

Interns will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before commencing their internship with the department.

All applicants will receive a monthly stipend of Rs 10,000.

How to register: Click on here to access the official website.

(Editing by Yoshita Rao)

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