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Finding the right tutor requires spending a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of each candidate’s history and work experience. It can be an expensive and tiring experience that few people want to relive over and over again. Yet this is what is happening with students all over the world. They have to post help search panels, sort through dozens of applications, and interview lots of people.

It’s just a puzzle and a holdover from the pre-Internet days. It shouldn’t be that difficult to find quality help with completing homework and understanding course materials.

Fortunately, many businesses were founded on the premise of solving this challenge. From connecting students with pre-selected tutors, to being able to pay by the question only, each company has taken a unique approach to solving problems inherent in the traditional tutoring market.

Here are four companies that go beyond basic tutoring to offer something completely new in the tutoring world: microtutoring. This process closely focuses the discussion on the specific problem facing the student. By doing this, the student can save money and receive the help they need to be successful in academia. Weigh each option carefully. You may find that the best solution for you may involve multiple companies, depending on what exactly you are looking for in school assistance.

Studypool has set the standard for micro-tutoring websites, offering the widest range of tutoring services on a variety of topics. You can go from basic math courses to the most advanced management courses imaginable – all run by experienced and well-trained tutors carefully selected by Studypool.

Studypool was founded with the simple mission of helping students around the world access high quality homework and general study assistance at an affordable price. Questions start at just $ 1, with each question added to a list that Certified Tutors can choose from.

Tutors are not required to answer a certain number of questions per day. Instead, they sign up whenever they have the time and energy. The result is an environment where each tutor is there because he wants to be there. They want to help students succeed.

Beyond micro-tutoring, Studypool offers students both traditional mentoring (online and in person) and access to a range of scholarship opportunities. It’s their way of helping make education more affordable and accessible to everyone, no matter where they live.

Imagine the horror of hiring a tutor only to find that he or she has less experience with the subject than you have. Now imagine that he gives you completely wrong answers and advice… This is not something pleasant to consider, especially given the costs involved in finding a quality tutor.

Chegg takes this concern seriously and has worked tirelessly to create a platform where you know you will only find experienced tutors. They carefully select each candidate, check their credentials, and verify that they actually know what they are talking about.

The result is a situation where you can rest easy knowing that your tutoring dollar goes the distance to help you get a good grade on your next test, essay, or final.

Chegg offers micro-tutoring for those with straightforward questions, but the service shines when the student switches to their traditional tutoring options. Beyond tutoring, they offer access to textbooks, grammar checkers, and plagiarism watch. This allows students the opportunity to improve as quickly as possible without sacrificing the knowledge acquired.

Sometimes the first person you meet when looking for a tutor isn’t the best. The fees may be too high or the person may not have the skills to adequately help the student achieve the best possible grade.

This is where School Solver comes in. It is a marketplace for questions and answers, where the student chooses which answer to buy. For example, a common question might have a dozen answers, one being the most popular. The student will see it and can choose to buy it or not.

This system, while not a traditional tutoring platform, encourages tutors to provide the highest quality response. The reason is simple: the best answers will be continually bought without having to meet with each student individually.

There is only one thing to keep in mind: the most popular answer may not be the best. Take the time to compare the answers before choosing. After all, you have a chance to set a new trend when it comes to finding the right answer to a problem.

Imagine a platform that puts experience above all else. A site made up of MBA business leaders, teachers, historians and doctoral students. professors all dedicated to helping students succeed. They are there because they want to help students get the most out of their education, whether they are in high school or working on a doctoral thesis.

Prices start at $ 9.50 per page, so this isn’t your usual micro-tutoring platform. Instead of answering a single question, the platform strives to understand where you are at with the mission and find the best way to help you. For example, you might think you understand a calculus equation, but the tutor may spot an error in your reasoning, saving you time and hassle when preparing for the test.

One of the advantages of HelpWithAssignment is its “solution library”. This database contains thousands of problems encountered in the past, all with step-by-step solutions. Just imagine that you type in your problem and the answer appears on your screen in just a few seconds!

This platform goes beyond helping with individual homework by also offering traditional tutoring. Their tutors specialize in helping students who face extreme challenges in completing their course material due to situations such as illness or accident.


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