25 Happy Chinese New Year Books for Kids

If you’re looking for a mix of meaningful, adventurous, and educational storytelling, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Below are 25 tales centered around the Chinese New Year. These describe the rich traditions, sacred beliefs and fun times enjoyed by families celebrating this time in the calendar.

1. Bring in the New Year

This brightly illustrated book is perfect for youngsters learning to read aloud. The fun story follows a Chinese-American family as they begin preparations for the New Year. It takes its readers on a fun adventure of cooking, decorating and moving tradition.

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2. Chinese New Year colors


This book is the perfect choice for parents looking to introduce the names of colors in Chinese to their children. In this bilingual book, each page features a new color in Chinese and English and displays unique elements of the special New Year celebration.

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3. Ruby’s Chinese New Year


Accompanied by Chinese zodiac animals, Ruby embarks on an exhilarating journey to deliver a special gift to her grandmother. Meeting them at different points in the story, Ruby will only be escorted by one of them to finally meet her grandmother, but who will it be? Pick up a copy and find out!

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This beautiful book opens readers to the world of Chinese culture and traditions during the Lunar New Year period. This hardback book encourages readers to spend time with family and engage in traditions such as lighting lanterns and dancing with dragons.

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5. Peppa’s Chinese New Year


Peppa Pig fans will love this take on the special Asian holiday. Peppa and her friends throw a ball by hanging lanterns, performing a lion dance and enjoying fortune cookies – all practices unique to the colorful holiday that is Chinese New Year. The book comes with a collection of stickers and fun facts for readers to enjoy after they finish reading.

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6. Play with lanterns


To celebrate the annual Chinese holiday, little Zhao Di and her friends get together to light and send paper lanterns. Indulging in this tradition for 15 nights, the friends meet in their village and revel in the floating spheres that light up the sky.

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Detailed illustrations come to life in Dragon Dance – a flip book about exciting holidays that fit into the Chinese calendar. Readers are introduced to deep-rooted traditions as this cultural celebration unfolds in a tale of market visits, gift giving and sacred dances.

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8. Celebrate Chinese New Year


Children aged 6 to 9 will love this story about the charming characters of the Chinese zodiac. This is an awesome book for teaching young people about the traditions, beautiful cuisine, and historical culture that make up this ancient holiday season.

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9. Chinese New Year Greetings


Another festive book from our Chinese New Year collective is one that revolves around the importance of family traditions in Asian cultures. For a more detailed look at the customs surrounding the New Year in China, take a look at the back of the book where you’ll find loads of questions and topics for further discussion.

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10. My first Chinese New Year


Experiencing anything for the first time can be very exciting, but there’s nothing quite like celebrating one of the best Chinese traditions on the calendar. Old times are represented in this bright picture book and would be the perfect gift for a toddler.

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11. Baby’s First Chinese New Year


This story features brightly colored traditional clothing, zodiac animals as well as beautiful paper lanterns. The lively illustrations depicted on these pages are sure to capture your baby’s attention and thanks to the thick pages of the book, babies can leaf through the story themselves!

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12. My First Chinese New Year ABC Picture Book


Looking for the perfect toddler book? That’s it …! Rich illustrations accompany each letter of the alphabet while representing sacred pieces of tradition made by Chinese families during the New Year period.

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13. Bobo’s Colorful Chinese New Year


Join Bobo’s learning adventure in this fun book. The bilingual creation invites readers to discover letters, basic phrases and colors. You will also discover traditions such as the lucky tree as well as sacred dances that have been linked to the Chinese New Year for hundreds of centuries.

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14. Baby loves moon phases


Although this is a beginner level book, it is definitely a book that encourages learning. This baby is enjoying one of his first Chinese New Years and in the process discovers the phases of the moon.

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15. Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas


A spinoff of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is this hilarious tale written by Natasha Yim. Goldy Luck is tasked with delivering a plate of turnip patties to the neighbors, but when she finds out they’re not home, she makes herself comfortable in their home anyway!

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16. Celebrate Chinese New Year


This reading helps young readers become familiar with important elements of Chinese culture. You’ll learn about the representation and story behind all the special occasions, food, and clothing surrounding the New Year.

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17. Popo’s Lucky Chinese New Year


Want to know what the Chinese New Year is? Follow Popo herself when her grandmother comes to town during the special time.

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18. Chelsea Chinese New Year


Every family celebrates special occasions in a different way. Join Chelsea as she spends her Chinese New Year watching fireworks, eating at a delicious family feast and enjoying the dragon parade.

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19. Nian, the Chinese New Year Dragon


When the dragon Nian begins to terrorize the local village, a brave little girl named Mei has 15 days to defeat him before he is set free forever. Throughout the tale, readers are introduced to various elements of the Chinese New Year.

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20. How to Catch a Dragon


Join the exhilarating pursuit of chasing a dragon through the streets of China at the height of the Spring Festival. The book details different new year elements such as red envelopes, lanterns, fireworks and much more!

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Little Ox Olivia befriends Mei and the two work together to save their village. The Ox, based on one of the Chinese zodiac animals, introduces readers to the lunar calendar and the special Chinese New Year period.

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22. Year of the Horse


This little horse tale is the perfect embodiment of the Chinese zodiac. Along with Chinese beliefs that the New Year brings a time of happiness, this book reminds readers to embrace a spirit of courage as the New Year approaches. Art lovers will enjoy the story of a boy and a horse who transport their art teacher’s paintings across the country.

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23. Year of the Tiger


Readers interested in Asian culture will love this book about a girl and a tiger who become friends despite warnings from villages and parents on both sides. If you are a cat lover, this one is for you!

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24. Year of the Monkey


As Max the monkey begins a new year, he learns to take important Chinese lessons with him. Max must use his clever and cunning ways to tackle the new sport he has decided to try. Follow him to see if he succeeds!

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A symbol of luck, a little dog named Daniel seeks to show his loyalty to his new friend just when she needs it most!

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