24 Wonderful Weather Books for Kids

Weather books are a great choice for kids! The weather is something most kids care about and it affects their lives on a daily basis. Enjoy these 24 weather book suggestions that are a fun and engaging way to teach students important weather lessons.

1. Extreme Weather: Survive tornadoes, sandstorms, hailstorms, blizzards, hurricanes and more!

This book is perfect for National Geographic readers and includes extreme weather events such as record blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and more! Educate your children about what happens over time and the things they can do about it.

2. All about the weather: a first weather book for children


This is one of the greatest weather books for 3-5 year olds. Kids will learn all about the four seasons, cloud formation, rainbow formation and more!

3. Weather field guide: learn how to identify clouds and storms, forecast the weather and stay safe


Written by a professional meteorologist, this is a great weather book! Use it as a reference book on weather and how it works. It includes information about clouds, precipitation, weather watches and warnings, and much more.

4. Weather words and what they mean


This is a favorite weather book that is kid friendly. It provides explanations of the origins of thunderstorms, fog, frost, clouds, snow, hurricanes and fronts. It also includes simple and easy to understand diagrams and drawings.

5. Rain, Snow or Sun: A Weather Book


This engaging weather book follows Radar the Weather Dog as he teaches kids interesting facts about the four seasons, types of weather and climate. It also includes brightly colored designs. Your child will be hooked from the start!

6. The All KIDS Weather Book


This exciting weather book includes puzzles, games and fun facts, and it’s perfect for kids! Your child will learn all kinds of weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, monsoons, clouds, perfect storms, weather fronts and rainbows.

7. Pearl the Raindrop: The Great Journey of the Water Cycle


This fun story follows Pearl, a tiny drop of water from the sea. Your child will learn about cloud formation and the process of the water cycle through Pearl’s adventurous journey.

8. What’s the weather like? : Clouds, climate and global warming


Kids will love this amazing weather book full of facts! This is a great book for children ages 7-9. They will be engaged in learning about all kinds of weather conditions as well as the severity of global warming.

9. Children’s weather forecast book


This amazing weather forecast book is perfect for kids ages 7-13. It includes DIY weather experiments as well as a list of weather activities to keep your child engaged throughout the book.

10. Fly Guy Presents: The Weather


Fly Guy will take your child on an excursion and teach him all about the weather! Young readers will have fun learning about hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and more!

11. Explore the clouds of my world


Children from 3 to 7 years old will enjoy this cloud book! They will participate in fun activities and learn about common cloud types. They will also be fascinated by the beautiful photographs.

12. Tornado! : The story behind these storms that twist, turn, turn and spiral


Children’s eyes will be glued to the pages of this tornado book! Your child will get an introduction to tornadoes in this captivating book that’s perfect for National Geographic readers.

13. Children’s weather experiment book


Children aged 8 to 12 will discover the world of weather with this exciting weather-themed book! It’s packed with DIY weather experiments to help kids get a good understanding of the weather on a daily basis.

14. National Geographic Readers: Storms!


Help your child understand crazy weather events with this educational weather book. Understanding storms allows your child to be less fearful when experiencing the events of a storm.

15. The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter Wonders


This is one of the wonderful snow books! Children will learn all about snow. They will learn about the formation of snow crystals and their shapes. This book also includes real photos of snow crystals.


This Smithsonian snow book is a great choice for kids! They will learn the types of snow, why it is white and what makes it snowy. They will also enjoy the colorful photographs as they read stories of record breaking snowstorms and blizzards.

17. The Magic School Bus Presents: Savage Time


This great weather book is part of the Magic School Bus series. This engaging book includes information on incredible weather events. It also includes color photographs of various weather conditions.

18. Maisy’s Wonderful Weather Book


This interactive flip weather book is a fantastic book for beginning readers! They will learn the types of weather by using the tabs and lifting the flaps. Kids will have fun learning with Maisy!

19. Clouds: shapes, forecasts and fun facts about clouds for kids


This cloud book is one of the best cloud books! It will help your child discover all kinds of clouds as well as how to use them to forecast the weather. It’s filled with cloud illustrations, photos, and lots of fun facts. Help your child discover the glorious clouds in the sky!

20. Tornadoes and hurricanes!


This captivating book will teach your child about the damage caused by tornadoes and hurricanes! This book is a quick read, but it’s filled with a lot of valuable information. Not only do they learn about the damage that can be caused by a destructive tornado or hurricane, but also how to appreciate them.

21. National Geographic Kids All Weather


This is one of the best weather books for kids! Your child will be engaged by reading about natural disasters and viewing all the great photography.

22. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs


This is a fun, fictional weather book for kids! They will enjoy the humor of this story that inspired a hit movie. Enjoy this story set in Chewandswallow where it’s raining juice and soup and snowing mashed potatoes!

23. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Weather


This charming reference book will introduce your child to all aspects of the weather. It includes 100 color photos and extensive information on droughts, deserts, blizzards and snowflakes.

24. What will the weather be like?


This weather book is part of the Let’s-Read-And-Find-Out science series. Your child will learn about meteorology in this beautifully illustrated non-fiction book. This engaging bestseller includes explanations of weather instruments such as barometers and thermometers.

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