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There’s nothing more satisfying than starting a new book. Cracking the spine for the first time, feeling the texture of its cover in your hands, engulfed in the scent of a new book ready to read. It can be a ritual act or a way to relax, something you do daily or consider part of your vacation. To kick-start your literary experiments for the year, we’ve compiled a list of 15 of the best books to read in 2022, from late 2021 releases to upcoming releases that the bookworld is looking forward to. Reading is learning, and those who don’t read live only one life. Treat yourself to new and exciting prospects today with one of our choices.

1. The cost of labor – Natalie Kon-Yu

An important read examining how the traditional dynamics of pregnancy do not align with contemporary societal norms.

2. That’s a shame – Abigail Bergstrom

A captivating debut fiction embodying the best of contemporary British literature.

3. The heart of Henry Hamlet – Rhiannon Wilde

books to read 2022Steeped in mid-2010s nostalgia, this Brisbane-based tale follows Henry Hamlet through his final year of secondary school, which becomes pivotal in his development as an adult.

4. Career –Daisy Buchanan

Coming soon and highly anticipated, we can’t wait to get our hands on the latest from Daisy Buchanan. If it’s something like Insatiablewe will be turning the pages at a rapid pace.

5. Cleopatra and Frankenstein – Coco Mellors

books to read 2022An addictive first film about the fallout from an impulsive couple’s marriage.

6. Rebel –Dana Spiotta

books to read 2022How a woman grapples with changes in her life that she didn’t anticipate would impact her as a person.

7. Sunset – Jessie’s Cave

books to read 2022Prepare the tissues, but also prepare to laugh along the way in a contemporary tale of grief and loss, coupled with love and growth.

8. Devotion – Hannah Kent

books to read 2022A novel about faith, family and trust, Kent explores humanity across continents in this epic work.

9. Found, Want –Natasha Scholl

Powerfully written, Natasha Scholl’s memoir of losing her partner on Valentine’s Day is a beautifully candid account of dealing with loss and growing through it.

ten. Sex, scans and other stories – Hélène Chik

A mix of memoirs and textbooks you’ll regret reading before your last bad date.

11. A book of days –Patti Smith

A visual offering from the imitable Patti Smith, A book of days is slated for release in November this year and is an anthology of images inspired by her Instagram page.

12. Nina Simone’s eraser –Warren Ellis

books to read 2022How something so small can form valuable and lasting bonds between people.

13. Love and Virtue –Diana Reed

books to read 2022For those who liked Brie Lee’s who gets smartDiana Reed’s fictional tale of a freshman college student navigating a toxic educational and social culture is a must read.

14. Margaret Atwood – Burning Questions

books to read 2022A collection of essays spanning 15 years of Atwood’s literary career.

15. It starts with us –Colleen Hoover

The book that sent TikTok into overdrive as users eagerly await cult writer Colleen Hoover’s latest offering.

When shopping for the best books to read in 2022, there’s nothing like browsing through a well-stocked bookstore for your purchase. Why not visit one of the RUSSH team’s favorite stores if you’re in Sydney? We can guarantee you that they are worth seeing.

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