10 best how to draw books for kids

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Learning to draw is a lifelong journey that can begin at any age. If you’re a kid, however, it’s important to learn essential drawing skills and practice as much as you can. Fortunately, there are a range of educational books that can make this process both easy and fun.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best “how to draw” books for kids. Our selection includes guides for drawing portraits, animals, cartoons and more. One of our favorites is Aaria Baid’s Essential Techniques and Step-by-Step Drawings for Kidswhich reviews shading, perspective, and proportions, and includes projects on how to render animals and create handwritten letters.

Scroll down to see our full selection of best drawing books for kids.

Inspire creativity at any age with one of these children’s drawing books.

The book How to draw for children

How to draw books for children

Jack Corral | $9.99

Written and illustrated by Jacy Corral, How to draw a book for children is an ideal starter book for young artists who want to try their hand at drawing a bit of everything. Inside the book are tutorials on how to create cute animals, underwater scenes, things in space, and more.

How to draw books: easy techniques and step-by-step drawings for children

How to draw books for children

Aaria Baid | $8.99

Help your child learn essential drawing skills with this drawing book by Aaria Baid. Easy techniques and step by step drawings for kids covers the basics of drawing, including how to go from dark to light and how to use perspective. Additionally, the book includes a range of projects, from how to draw animals to creating handwritten letters.

The Big Book of Faces

How to draw books for children

Erik Deprince | $19.99

The book of faces by Erik DePrince will ensure that your child never encounters a creative block. This whimsical step-by-step book provides illustrated instructions on how to create 400 different faces that are sure to keep your child busy for weeks.

Create your own graphic novel

How to draw books for children

David Wayne Chiu | $9.19

David Wayne Chiu has created the perfect book to kick off kids’ comedy journey. Create your own graphic novel provides instructions on how to write and draw a story from start to finish, plus over 50 pre-panel layout pages to get them started on their project.

Modern flowers: how to draw books for children

How to draw books for children

Alli Koch | $13.75

If your child loves flowers, give them this fun, floral book by Alli Koch. How to draw modern flowers for kids will help creatives of all ages learn to create different types of flowers and plants, including sunflowers, daffodils, roses, magnolias and succulents.

How to draw 101 animals

How to draw books for children

Dan Green | $4.59

Many children like to draw animals and cartoons. Fortunately, artist Dan Green merges the two interests in How to draw 101 animals. Using a distinct and cute style, it shows students how to make lions, snakes, monkeys, birds, and more in simple, easy-to-follow steps.

Portrait drawing for kids

How to draw books for children

Angela Rizza | $10.11

It’s never too early to learn how to draw a portrait. Artist Angela Rizza breaks down this seemingly complicated process so kids of all ages can start drawing faces. Portrait drawing for kids includes many lessons on how to create images of other people as well as how to take your own self-portrait.

Ralph Masiello’s Insect Sketchbook

How to draw books for children

Ralph Masiello | $7.95

This book by Ralph Masiello is ideal for any child fascinated by scary critters. the Insect sketchbook will show children of all ages how to draw caterpillars, beetles and other insects with clear step-by-step pictures and accompanying instructions.

Learn to Draw Classic Disney Animated Movies

How to draw books for children

Disney Storytelling Artists | $18.35

Many creatives grow up wanting to draw their favorite Disney characters. Well, with this book, it becomes much, much easier! Created by Disney Storybook artists, Learn to Draw Classic Disney Animated Movies contains instructions on how to draw some of their most beloved characters, including Peter Pan, Alice of Alice in WonderlandBambi and many others.

How to draw an anime

How to draw books for children

Aimi Aikawa | $15.99

Does your child want to learn to draw in an anime or manga style? Artist Aimi Aikawa has collected illustrated tutorials in his book How to draw an anime which will help budding artists draw heads, facial features, proportions, emotions, clothing and more in a distinct style.

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